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Friday, March 17, 2017

All these pictures I take just sitting in my phone. Here’s to posting them somewhere to look back on one day.

1. Cornelia Fort Airpark 2. Glasses 3. Sadie cuddles 4.trees from a hike  5. First ever Five Daughters donut 6. Grocery store donut and a book club book  7. Resist 8. Sunset that I stopped to take picture of like 3 times 9. Radnor 10. another picture from a hike 11. Cornelia Fort 12. Sunset from Love Circle 13. Sadie girl all cuddled and patriotic


Corey Turns 31 Road Trip

Sunday, March 12, 2017

I turned 31 this week. There’s a lot to be said about that but then again, nothing at all. When I first moved to Nashville I had dreams of driving all over and going to so many different states but two and half years later I have only been into the southernmost part of Kentucky and as far south as Atlanta. I decided to do something about that this year and so I booked a night at an AirBnB in Louisville, TN and planned some stops along the way.

The trip was quick, one day out, one day back but I did manage to see a lot. A pink elephant, Hidden Hollow amusement park (unfortunately it was closed), Minister’s Treehouse (I did not trespass to get closer, maybe one day), and Cotton Eyed Joe’s all took up my first day. On the way back I went through Pigeon Forge (the love pancakes and old time photos), Gatlinburg (was a street away from the fire damage I guess) and into Knoxville (still getting hit by the drought pretty hard) then back home.

I hope to get a few more of these in over the year. Maybe Louisville, KY and Charlotte, NC. Gotta do what I came here to do.


Instagram Love

Friday, November 20, 2015

amandasandlin 1@amandsandlin






While I usually have so many beautiful pictures that I’ve liked in the span of a couple weeks or a month, I am really liking this version of a post, sharing my most favorite few larger than a bunch very small. Another example of practicing essentialism maybe? So many ways to practice.


Film Pt. II

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

7 copy

More film from the Olympus point and shoot. My trip to San Diego, the drive up to San Francisco and the Williamson County Fair. Perfectly imperfect and grainy as hell.



Tuesday, November 10, 2015

29 copy

I use to primarily shoot with toy cameras and polaroids. I didn’t know how to work a dSLR and was pretty intimidated by it. I would get my prints back though and end up feeling really disappointed. I wondered how some people could take amazing pictures with these cheap plastic boxes.

So I resigned myself to learning how to use my Canon, and I promised myself that Manual was the only mode I would shoot in. It has made all the difference. Slowly but surely I have improved, I like so many more of my photos now than I ever did before. I work with light just a little better, I compose just a little better, I find what I’m trying to share and capture it, just a few more times.

Every once in a while I go back to film, or I carry it along. I have an Olympus point and shoot that gets neglected more than not, but sometimes I remember. I finally got a roll of film developed that I have had in it for probably a year. I was pretty happy with what came back.

I like the imperfectness of this camera, it makes me focus on the composition over anything else. I don’t know how to focus the thing, I’m not even sure it’s working all the time. So I find what I want to capture, I frame it and hope for the best.

The first 5 pictures are from a trip to Portland I took and the last is from the icepocolypse we had here in Nashville last year.


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