In April I…

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

In April I…

  • Compiled all career info including interests, notes from mentor sessions I’ve had before, parts of previously written cover letters I liked, almost every address I have had since I moved to Portland for college and so much more. Compiled, more organized, made easier to access. Stoked.
  • Scheduled and had a career mentor call where I got helpful advice and suggestions on how to better sell myself and the kind of work that I do. Looking to make some shifts in the next few months and grow this part of my life. Pretty stoked.
  • Made a new playlist for working out with old hip hop and pop songs as well as some current ones that still get me moving. It’s really fun. I made it one afternoon after work but then erased the wrong version NOOOO and had to start all over again.
  • Switched my credit card to one without an annual fee because I figure out the travel points I got back at the end of the year was basically equivalent to the fee itself
  • Planned my money goals for the next couple of years. I’ve been looking at my money tracking and budget spreadsheets I made myself pretty much daily and I’m starting to realize I am not who I use to be with money and that’s frickin awesome.
  • Lined up most of the details for brother’s wedding in June. Got my bridesmaids dress in the mail and it fits, found shoes, rented car for my time there… only a few things left to do.
  • Tried dance classes at a new studio.
  • Helped a friend at the stables she works at on a Sunday afternoon. Best Sunday afternoon ever.
  • Had an obsession with iced mochas/iced coffee with chocolate
  • Was sick the first half of the month, month and a half long issues. Then had a reaction to the antibiotics. I think I’m coming almost completely out of it. Nashville allergies are no joke.
  • Rewatched the first half of the last season of PLL, can’t believe we are almost done!
  • started my I Believe or I want to believe practice.

The month didn’t feel productive while it was happening but turned out pretty full. Funny how that all works out.



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