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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

April was the month of good books. I think there was only one that was I was eh about but I got to talk about it with my book club so all in all, totally worth it.

This month I read:

I’ll Meet You There – small town, kitschy hotel, marine, ptsd, love story, and collages… I don’t think anybody could write a book more towards my interests

Cowboys are My Weakness – I started this book because I was deep in my country dreams, I ended this book with a new perspective.

In the Company of Women – I was almost just going to flip through this real quick and return it but during my second round with my sickness I decided to lay on my bed and read through. I started my mornings and ended my days with a few profiles until I was through the book. So many good feelings reading about these women. So much possibility.

The Young Widower’s Handbook – I started this because of good reviews and because I am a sucker for a story about healing through a US road trip. It didn’t grab me and pull me in deep but it has kept me interested.

Heartless – I read this one for bookclub. It took me a little bit to get into as I didn’t like the ties to Alice in Wonderland, and then it pulled me in with a love story and then it broke me at the end. This would be a good book for those who like Alice in Wonderland and wanted a story of how the Red Queen came to be.

Unbound – Loved this book. If you want it to be about skiing, move along. If you want the story of an incredible experience, start reading.



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