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In April I…

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

In April I…

  • Compiled all career info including interests, notes from mentor sessions I’ve had before, parts of previously written cover letters I liked, almost every address I have had since I moved to Portland for college and so much more. Compiled, more organized, made easier to access. Stoked.
  • Scheduled and had a career mentor call where I got helpful advice and suggestions on how to better sell myself and the kind of work that I do. Looking to make some shifts in the next few months and grow this part of my life. Pretty stoked.
  • Made a new playlist for working out with old hip hop and pop songs as well as some current ones that still get me moving. It’s really fun. I made it one afternoon after work but then erased the wrong version NOOOO and had to start all over again.
  • Switched my credit card to one without an annual fee because I figure out the travel points I got back at the end of the year was basically equivalent to the fee itself
  • Planned my money goals for the next couple of years. I’ve been looking at my money tracking and budget spreadsheets I made myself pretty much daily and I’m starting to realize I am not who I use to be with money and that’s frickin awesome.
  • Lined up most of the details for brother’s wedding in June. Got my bridesmaids dress in the mail and it fits, found shoes, rented car for my time there… only a few things left to do.
  • Tried dance classes at a new studio.
  • Helped a friend at the stables she works at on a Sunday afternoon. Best Sunday afternoon ever.
  • Had an obsession with iced mochas/iced coffee with chocolate
  • Was sick the first half of the month, month and a half long issues. Then had a reaction to the antibiotics. I think I’m coming almost completely out of it. Nashville allergies are no joke.
  • Rewatched the first half of the last season of PLL, can’t believe we are almost done!
  • started my I Believe or I want to believe practice.

The month didn’t feel productive while it was happening but turned out pretty full. Funny how that all works out.


Books of April

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

April was the month of good books. I think there was only one that was I was eh about but I got to talk about it with my book club so all in all, totally worth it.

This month I read:

I’ll Meet You There – small town, kitschy hotel, marine, ptsd, love story, and collages… I don’t think anybody could write a book more towards my interests

Cowboys are My Weakness – I started this book because I was deep in my country dreams, I ended this book with a new perspective.

In the Company of Women – I was almost just going to flip through this real quick and return it but during my second round with my sickness I decided to lay on my bed and read through. I started my mornings and ended my days with a few profiles until I was through the book. So many good feelings reading about these women. So much possibility.

The Young Widower’s Handbook – I started this because of good reviews and because I am a sucker for a story about healing through a US road trip. It didn’t grab me and pull me in deep but it has kept me interested.

Heartless – I read this one for bookclub. It took me a little bit to get into as I didn’t like the ties to Alice in Wonderland, and then it pulled me in with a love story and then it broke me at the end. This would be a good book for those who like Alice in Wonderland and wanted a story of how the Red Queen came to be.

Unbound – Loved this book. If you want it to be about skiing, move along. If you want the story of an incredible experience, start reading.


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