Thirteen for Thirty-One

Friday, April 28, 2017

I started a list of 31 in 31 but realized after a few weeks that I just wasn’t motivated. So instead I’ve taken that 31+ list of things and decided that if I can do 13 of them in my 31st year then I will have added a lot of joy. (13 because it’s the reverse of 31.) I reserve the right to add whimsical/fun things to here as I’ve done them because I’m in my thirties… and there are no rules.

Here are the options:
+ be in a food fight
+ host a board and card game night, play Clue and Gin
+ try a barre class and take it for a month if I like it
+ Make a print or a collage to go over bookcase
+ try paddle boarding
+ get a facial
+ skinny dip
+ add something to sleeve
+ see Jason Aldean live
+ put an unnatural hair color in my hair (purple? pink?)
+ visit Country Music Hall of Fame
+ Take a self defense class
+ Learn how to read a map and use a compass –¬†¬†DONE!!!
+ Adopt a dog – I want to do this by the end of the year!
+ leave a note in a book at the library or a bookstore
+ write something encouraging in a bathroom stall
+ walk through a field of fireflies
+ go on a bike ride (this is to get over a fear)
+ pay off cc debt
+ sleep under the stars/cowboy camp
+ climb water tower
+ watch a drive in movie from the bed of a truck
+ dance in truck headlights
+ take a kitchen knife skills class
+ make an epic fort
+ learn how to cook meat really well
+ finish my Swiss Cross Blanket – hoping by June
+ ride a mechanical bull
+ share secrets in the dark
+ learn how to start a fire (like a boyscout)
+ eat cake with my hands on the beach
+ create a piece of hotel art
+ take dance classes weekly
+ be a tourist in my city (Opry, Ryman, Bluebird… something)



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