March in Review

Saturday, April 8, 2017

March was a hard month, and so I’m going to do a review and save April and next quarter’s goals for another post.

At the beginning of March I turned 31 and while I usually get excited about birthdays, I crashed hard with this one. The crash was totally unexpected and hit like a tidal wave. The day of my actual birthday was spent alone, the next day a sickness hit that lasted a good couple of weeks and still has some residual lung issues. March was the month I had my first ever asthma attack, yay going back to the treadmill a little too soon, that was exciting. If I am being completely honest I feel like I am just now coming out of the overall mental and physical funk. (Thank goodness)

I decided this time that instead of being super hard on myself I would give myself whatever I wanted (within reason) and hold on. This meant using up my entire $50 starbucks gift card in a little over a week, buying little things that I had been putting off like a hat, a new chair for the patio, brown eyeliner and mascara, I ordered 3 different pairs of cowboy boots in different sized to try and find some that worked, none of them did, looked at rifles I might want to buy, looked at a whole bunch of fun shirts, added snapchat (something I was very vocal about hating for a while), went dancing two nights a week instead of one, decided I hated cooking and mostly bought precooked food and went out to eat, etc. As I’m typing this out I’m realizing how small some of these things are that I didn’t allow myself to do or talked myself out of over and over again. No wonder I am tired.

The good from March:
– Booked plane ticket, and paid for parking for trip in June
– Order bridesmaid’s dress for wedding
– Exercised 4x a week: Only missed one week because of the sickness, it was annoying
– Explored some new places- outside of Nashville: Knoxville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg
– Bought so much new music: Cody Johnson, some Josh Turner and Aaron Watson to name a few
– Drank a lot of iced coffee/mochas: tried with coconut milk, and low fat milk and decaf espresso and decaf cold brewed coffee… still trying to find my best option with the least amount of sugar
– Took a good amount of side roads during lunch and on the weekends, needed to be away from things
– Took a nap in my car at the library by a park under a tree and it was all kinds of blissful and a hint of the Spring I am looking forward to
– Painted a couple times
– Blocked some necessary people on different sites so I can keep my mind in the present, they weren’t bugging me, I just got bored and would “see how they were” and then get into a bad mood. No need.
– Wrote and re-wrote goals, obsessed about the most random things
– got Snapchat and started talking to one of my sisters daily on it

March wasn’t all bad, but it was mentally strenuous, I’m looking forward to the warmer days and then my vacation home in June. The countdown is on!



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