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Monday, April 3, 2017

King’s Cage – I love this series so very much. I thought this was the last book and was thrown a little by the ending, but not so much that I would need to read the next book. Good thing because I have to wait a year before it comes out. That being said, I HIGHLY recommend these books for those who like Hunger Games like reading.

Caraval – Loved it.

Love Lives Here –¬†Want to buy it and keep it on my shelf and re-read it all the time.

In Western Counties – A short story by Nickolas Butler. I love this man’s writing. Love it. Fell in love with it with Shotgun Lovesongs which I will probably re-read soon.

Always a Bridesmaid (For Hire) –¬†Easy, light read, finished in a day. Interesting to see how Jen took something she was doing all the time unintentionally and made it into a job. Was truly surprised by one chapter and how it hit me. The book started out hard to read because I related so hard to the singleness of her, but overall ended up being quite uplifting.

I’ll Meet You There – Started and finished this one on the 31st. I loved this book soooooo much. Small town, love story, girl that collages and works at a quirky hotel, boy back from Marines… seriously, I think this book was made out of a formula of some of my all time favorite things. I think the person that gave it one star from my library is out of their mind.



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