Friday, March 3, 2017

February has been unseasonably warm. It’s wonderful!

February Goals:
donate to one new organization: signed up to donate time – I signed up to be a volunteer at a Mud Run in May and this weekend I will be helping weed at a farm for The The Trust for Tennessee. Pretty excited about these.
one date – accomplished
at least one call to each of the designated family members – accomplished
plan my 31st birthday party and/or mini trip – done! I will be setting out to a horse farm by the Smoky Mountains this weekend!
read books I am excited to read (try to keep it at 4) – accomplished
exercise 4x a week – DID IT! This is two full months of vigorously moving at least 4x a week.
spend less than I make – ACCOMPLISHED! Clearly I am pretty excited about this. I have been working on my budgeting system and tracking each month, figuring out what I want to get out of it and this month I even took out the value of two extra days of pay in a short month and saved it for my birthday and STILL I spent less than I made. Praise hands and what not.
create something… seriously anything (paint a picture, work on the blanket, edit some old photos) – did not do well with this, I am going to add working on the blanket to March
take a walk/hike in a new park and visit a new part of Nashville every weekend: I did this a couple times but not every weekend
continue on with gratitude/daily pages – accomplished
file taxes – accomplished

*The lessons I learned and will carry on from February is/are: I get pulled into drama, not just with other people but in my mind, which means I also create some myself. The lesson I want to carry forward is to invest less, to notice when I’m getting pulled in to others issues as well as when I’m getting pulled under my own, I want to take the importance away from being in the know, to walk away from things that can admittedly be very entertaining and to react slower.

March Goals
– Get all travel plans locked in for trip home in June (plane, parking, rental car, possible mini trip)
– Order bridesmaid’s dress for wedding
– at least one call to five family members
– exercise 4x a week: This time focusing on 3 times in gym or hike and then one free exercise any way I want
– stay in food budget – don’t let overspending on food take from other categories
– work on the swiss cross blanket
– explore somewhere new every week

*Something I want to experiment with in March is: meditation


*These questions are part of Nicole from Real Talk Radio’s monthly review. I highly recommend her podcast.


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