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Monday, February 27, 2017

I was successful in slowing down a bit in my reading for February! I started a few books and ditched them and the room to do so feels really good. If I wasn’t excited about a book and thinking about it, I let it go. I spent the free time doing other things like talking to people and investing deeper in some aspects of my life that I had checked out from.

This month I read:
Crooked Kingdom – Loved this book. Loved it more than I liked the first one, but Crooked Kingdom would not be the book I loved if the first hadn’t been written, so… I definitely recommend them both.
Replica –┬áRead this for bookclub and felt whatever about it. Really enjoyed talking about it with the group though, so it was worth the time spent in that aspect.
Get Your Sh*t Together – Decent self improvement book. Funny, straightforward, pretty simple to follow.

Currently reading:
King’s Cage – Love this series



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