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Friday, February 19, 2016


A thing to remember, no state has to be permanent, and if we keep pushing something that was once hard can become less so and eventually easy. /// It’s Hard Right Now

Nature’s economy is a pay-it-forward economy. This means one sows, another reaps, ad infitum. For example, a bear takes a raspberry, and the raspeberry bush demands nothing in return. The Bear takes with zero sense of obligation, zero guilt. The bear then poops somewhere else, not only providing food for soil organisms, but also propagating raspberry seeds. You never see 2 wild creatures consciously bartering. There are no accountants worrying what the bush will get in return. /// The Man Who Quit Money

I’m coming to the tail end of many of these right now, life is cyclical, so I’m sure I’ll be back again but no matter what it’s a reminder that I’m doing just fine.  /// Uncomfortable Feelings That Actually Indicate You Are On the Right Path

Danielle Laporte does it again /// A New Take On Reviewing Your Year

YES PLEASE!!! /// $100 weekend

Totally different from the normal “find love” advice. Definitely a breath of fresh air. /// Unlove Me. I Found Love Because I Got Lucky

I think, “of course” when I read this, but then realize this has not been my dating M.O. Find someone who brings out your best self /// How Do You Choose a Life Partner

And finally, to bring this collection back full circle, a post that expands upon the first. But for adults.
I’ve been noticing what I tell myself more and more lately and I’ve been analyzing it. One of the things that has been popping up is when I tell myself I can’t do something, or that it’s just not in me. Through the work I’ve been doing and the mental shifts I’ve been making the “I can’t” has been losing it’s strength and it’s incredible to notice. I’ve started writing down my cans, I’ve started intentionally taking the weight from the I can’ts and it’s made showing up just a little easier. /// Every Positive Change Starts With These Two Words


January Review

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I keep going back and forth about what I want to do here, if I want to write at all, what I want to document, because it still feels like another chore, and I’ve decided that at the bare minimum I can document my goal/word of the year/etc progress month by month. So here we go.

Word of the year:

Reach out /// Manage money
Cook new things /// Create more
Scroll less

My word of the year is working well even when I forget about it. As I mentioned probably numerous times to people around me and on here, I have been going to a counselor and working with her has been so phenomenal to the way I process my thoughts it’s life changing. I still get lows and I still spiral from time to time but it’s not nearly as much as now I have set an automatic habit of questioning certain thoughts as they pop into my head and thinking about why I feel crabby or sad or anything else and what negative beliefs about myself I am holding on to when I’m feeling low. My spirals are more shallow than they were before, I can snap myself out of some of them, I can figure out what I need to do next, I can explore what triggers that specific feeling and I also have this awesome sense of confidence growing. I have new positive messages to be replacing the old negative ones with and I am so grateful. Life. Changing. My hope is that by the end of the year I will be even better at managing my lows and spirals not just through thought practices but also better eating and exercise. With that I really look forward to the positive inner mentor showing up more. I’m looking forward to getting a sense of who I really am underneath all these things I’ve held myself contained with. Some hard work is being done and it’s so worth it.

Intentions and goals:
I have been reaching out here and there pushing myself beyond my normal boundaries and comfort zone. I am taking more dance classes because I love them and while that may not seem like a reach it really is. I am allowing myself to not be as good as I want to be, to show up and practice and embarrass myself in order to get to where I want to go, and to do what I love to do.
Managing money has been going really well. I have a goal of how much I want to make in the next year, I am listening to a lot of podcasts about it, I’m keeping positive thoughts around it, I am writing down my credit card balance weekly and watching it shrink little by little. I’m liking the process, the shift from thinking of money as a drag to something exciting is a journey for sure, but I can’t want to see what it brings.
I do this in waves. Sometimes I just get in a cooking mode and make 4 new things and other times I do the same old same old. I have been incorporating kale into some of my meals, tried different kale smoothies and kale and quinoa mixes and haven’t been too disappointed yet.
I don’t know that I’ve been creating all that much. I’m still figuring out my schedule of taking care of my big goals and creating doesn’t have a good spot quite yet. But I’m working on it, always on my mind.
Scroll less…. well, I can’t say I’m as good at this as I want to be yet, but I did mute a lot of people on my FB feed, I added a couple groups that were about goals and community and I have been paying more attention to when I get glazed from scrolling and reading too many things. It’s in motion, I could do better, I’ll get there sooner or later.

What else has been going on? Well February 1st I started Chalene Johnson’s 30 day challenge and it has been pretty awesome so far. I will probably be sticking with her goal achieving process for a while. Through her program I have figured out 10 goals that I am working on, one of which is an overarching Push Goal which helps a lot of the other ones fall into place. I was going to wait for my birthday to start really laying down my measurable goals for the year and beyond but this came at the right time and now for my birthday I’m just going to have a list of fun/silly things I want to do in my 30th year. Pretty pumped about all of it.

Other goals and things:
Started a plan for drinking more water. It’s going really well for the first time ever!
Working out with a trainer
Going line dancing once a week at least!!!
Started really searching for my next job. March 31st is my last day at my current one.

Other things I’m thinking about:
Mindfulness/Meditation and Living in the present
Drinking more water
Eating at least one green a day… eventually one with lunch and dinner (progress is a slow process with me and veggies)
Getting back to the things I love
Intentions and Values

In less than a month I’m going to be 30!!! Crazy. Awesome. I’m ready for the next decade.



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