Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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I use to primarily shoot with toy cameras and polaroids. I didn’t know how to work a dSLR and was pretty intimidated by it. I would get my prints back though and end up feeling really disappointed. I wondered how some people could take amazing pictures with these cheap plastic boxes.

So I resigned myself to learning how to use my Canon, and I promised myself that Manual was the only mode I would shoot in. It has made all the difference. Slowly but surely I have improved, I like so many more of my photos now than I ever did before. I work with light just a little better, I compose just a little better, I find what I’m trying to share and capture it, just a few more times.

Every once in a while I go back to film, or I carry it along. I have an Olympus point and shoot that gets neglected more than not, but sometimes I remember. I finally got a roll of film developed that I have had in it for probably a year. I was pretty happy with what came back.

I like the imperfectness of this camera, it makes me focus on the composition over anything else. I don’t know how to focus the thing, I’m not even sure it’s working all the time. So I find what I want to capture, I frame it and hope for the best.

The first 5 pictures are from a trip to Portland I took and the last is from the icepocolypse we had here in Nashville last year.



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