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Hello September

Sunday, August 30, 2015

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September isn’t quite here yet (one more day!) but I’m definitely excited to be starting at the number one again. Not because I’m all that excited about time moving forward so dang fast all the time (something I’m going to need to work on eventually, hello meditation) but because it gives me an easily trackable starting point, a fresh start. It’s also technically the beginning of Fall and I am basic b*tch ready for that. Oh my goodness, scarves, different colored leaves, layers, crisp mornings?! I don’t even need a PSL or uggs. Okay, wait, don’t take those fluffy warm boots away yet.

I digress.

Oh yes, hello September, this is what I have decided you are for:

  • Getting myself back on track with money management. Over the past few years I have been taking baby steps towards getting better with managing my money and not putting things on a credit card. Lately I’ve taken a couple steps back incredibly worrisome but a cleanse is in order. For the past year (!!! WHAT? !!!) I have been putting all of my expenses on a credit card that I pay off each week. I started this with a Southwest card to get the bonus points at sign up and more recently the Sapphire from Chase and managed to get the bonus points for that sign up as well. I haven’t left a balance on these cards since I signed up for them, however, I have left the balance on a couple days longer than I should while waiting for my paychecks. I don’t want to be spending money I don’t have, or money I will have before I have it. And so, for the month of September I am back to the debit card, that is my money cleanse.
  • Dance classes. I am going to be taking classes at The Chrome Bar again. I’ve been taking the stretching classes off and on since I moved here but as of this week I decided it’s time to get back into the on pole class variety. I won’t be climbing or doing any aerial work because I don’t have my shoulders figured out yet, BUT that doesn’t mean I have to stay away from the part I love most. Monday I took a pole flow class and felt really great afterwards. The environment was awesome and supportive, I showed up and at the end while I didn’t look exactly like I wanted in action, I definitely gave it 100%. I learning to really appreciate that.
  • Exploring what is essential to me. I recently read Essentialism by Greg McKeown after I saw Elise post about it and I connected with a lot of what was said. I have been exploring minimalism for a few years now, constantly trying to evaluate if I really need some of the things I have. I’ve done really well at getting rid of stuff but I can’t say that I’ve done all that great on figuring out what to bring back in. My closet contains very few clothes and while that might work for some, it leaves me feeling frustrated most mornings. Turns out I like clothes and need a few more options. Reading Essentialism gave me new questions to ask and new tools to evaluate my closet, and life with.  I’ve already started asking myself “what is essential right now” when I get antsy or feel like my mind is going 20 ways at once. I’m excited to see where my answers take me on an even larger scale.

Just in case you are wondering, I did not forget my third quarter goals, they all tie into my essentialism focus real well. Here’s a little progress report:

  • Start a probiotic and getting on a memorable/maintainable schedule with all pills – yes and yes, started, following, easy as pie now that I’ve decided I need to commit.
  • Blogging at least 2 times per week – Besides this week, where I’m pushing it, I have been keeping up with my two posts per week goal. I might be going back to just one in September as I evaluate what is essential for me to be sharing here.
  • Deciding on a GP and getting and going to an appointment – I have an appointment with a GP in October, goodness with the wait… AND I have an appointment with a dermatologist Tuesday. Double star here!
  • Finding a weekly, social exercise class to be a part of – Pole flow classes. I’m ready!

Who else is ready for Fall?



Monday, August 24, 2015

Samsung : Touch of Power from Camille Marotte on Vimeo.

I may have touched on it here and there before, hinted about, but never directly said, I am a pole dancing enthusiast.
I came to the world of pole through human sexuality classes and a chance meeting with a new friend in the piercing and tattoo shop in Portland. I fell in love with the form when I watched women fly through the air with grace and strength on Sunday nights at Dante’s.

It blended my love of dance with gymnastics and I couldn’t stay away.

When I moved back home to San Diego from Portland the second (technically third) time I sought out a pole studio. I wanted to learn not only how to improve my fluidity, but also how to gain my strength.

I didn’t expect to find a home away from home at this studio. I didn’t expect to make amazing friendships and wonderful connections with a crew of brave, fierce and beautiful women. But I did. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

You can say what you want about pole if you haven’t really been exposed to it, you can say that the men have won because now the women are dancing on poles and calling it exercise, (Crazy Stupid Love anyone, Gosling, you’re still a babe, I know you don’t really believe that) but if you’re saying that you’ve probably never taken a class or talked to a woman that has.

Pole is hard ya’ll. It teaches you about muscles you never knew you had, through pain. It bruises legs and arms and makes people wonder who’s been beating you. Dont’ worry, it’s just me, in the best way.

I could go on for a bit longer about pole and how great it is, but what I really wanted to say here is how excited I am for it to be used more in mainstream media. It is showing up in commercials, (like seen above) music videos, and pole studio owners being shown on the news in positive light. I am so glad. Finally these women (and men) of pole are getting credit, these pole competition winners and being given the athletic recognition they deserve.

Not everyone is going to be okay with pole. There will constantly be disagreements in the community about keeping it sexy or putting it in the olympics, I think there’s room for both.

My name is Corey, and I am a pole enthusiast.


Instagram Love

Thursday, August 20, 2015

PicMonkey Collage

Sharing some of my likes from the month.

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Williamson County Fair

Monday, August 17, 2015






Williamson County Fair. What it lacks in size it makes up with charm.


The Good In Tennessee

Thursday, August 13, 2015


The last time I posted about Nashville it was informative but probably not all that positive, and then last week I talked about finding the beauty in where I am as if it’s where I’m staying forever… so here’s to that.

The good in Tennessee.

– People are pretty nice here, a lot of them aren’t locals but I think a lot of us that have come from non-southern locations are doing our best to keep southern hospitality. It probably doesn’t look quite the same, but we’re trying.

– BBQ. Delicious. Hot Chicken. Oh so good. So, before I go on and on, the food. The food is good (and heavy) here.

– You can get to farms and small towns in a short drive. I can find views of horses and farms in just about any direction 30+ minutes tops.

– There is water! San Diego is still in a drought even though they had some rain, but here I don’t have to worry about the length of my shower, I don’t have to worry about watering a lawn (I don’t have a lawn but if I did…), I can wash my dishes and a load of laundry and even shower if I want at the same time without worry about getting charged (I might be worrying about the temperature of the water at that point though.)

– I drove behind a tractor pulling a HUGE load of hay! I was five minutes from my house!

– The servers at Waffle House. I just experienced that experience. Special is the word I have for the stories I heard in a 45 minute span. It was also 2am. Prime Waffle House time I think.

– Being that we are mostly a group of people from other places we get that it’s hard to go somewhere new and not know too many people. I would say it’s definitely easier to make friends here and get people to do things than it was when I moved to Portland.

– Summer nights, even when there’s no plans. Sitting on my balcony just listening to the sounds, wrapped in the humid air. I didn’t think that would be a huge positive on my list, but here I am, a little in love.

– Luke Bryan lives here… and I’ve seen him. I’ve even said hi, and handed him a menu. Once I even put a plate of food down at his table… (did you think of Mean Girls? I did.)  Which was listed before, but I’m listing it again.

– The gas here is significantly cheaper than San Diego. Or it was when I moved here and I just kept believing that’s true.

– Downtown Franklin during the holidays is absolutely charming and wonderful

– The old houses! Oh my goodness I could fall in love with these huge houses, mansions if you will. Colonnades, wrap around porches and long driveways! They are beautiful all year round, and in the snow, they were absolutely breathtaking.

– Back roads to just about anywhere I want to go. Yes, it will take me longer, but the views are so very worth it.

– Interlibrary Loan – if the 20 libraries in Nashville city don’t have it, they can request it from other cities and states!

I think that this is just the beginning, here’s to more posts like this.

To be continued…


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