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Getting Older

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I’m starting to get a little amped about this getting older thing.  I was sitting the other day marveling at how the lives of my friends are shifting and changing into these beautiful things. I am  just so frickin excited to see who everyone is becoming.

The successes my friends are having as we start getting older are awesome and they aren’t even close to what we thought they were going to be years ago. I am seeing people get married and have kids and get fit or just growing, sometimes painfully, sometimes happily. But it’s good growth and it’s aging and it’s awe inspiring.

I am seeing people that I knew felt so lost finding things that they care about. They are the absolute same level of beautiful as they have always been, I have loved them and questioned them and marveled at them all the way through, I feel like now we are just getting the chance to shine brighter. To shed maybe just a smidge of that bs that held us back just years ago. The posturing, the fitting in to one scene, the standards that we had on ourselves (that one might just be me) melting and being molded into something far better.

It’s just the beginning, the polaroid chemicals are just starting to react, the picture is just barely starting to form, but it is forming. We aren’t an expired pack like I’m sure many of us thought we might be at some point or another.

We are adults, and it is absolutely nothing like how it looked when we were kids. Those adults, those people that seemed like they had it all figured out, we’re them now, we are at that age. And we aren’t behind, we are just as they were. Pushing, proding, learning to give ourselves a little credit.

And taking it day by day.


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