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Instameet /// Leiper’s Fork

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

leipers part 1

leipers fork part 2

Welcome to Leiper’s Fork, population: I couldn’t tell ya.

My first Instameet started at Puckett’s. I got myself a little bit of macaroni and waiting for a group of people with cameras and phones to magically start forming. I didn’t have to wait long and soon the adventure began.

We walked around the vintage and picker stores, I marveled at a $5000 (it might have been way more than that) gorgeous crown that hung from the ceiling. We weren’t allowed to take pictures in one shop, but the others didn’t mind. We browsed bookstores and trespassed around the (non fenced) yards of empty small houses… I started to get to know a few people that would end up being awesome friends.

Then we got back in our cars and walked on a bridge. Not just any bridge, but the Natchez Trace. This bridge is gorgeous, yes, and scary to those who hate heights, definitely. The guard rail hits maybe mid thigh at it’s highest point and the wind was blowing strong. I just laughed and loved the view. Some of my new friends took to sitting on the sides of the bridge so as not to deal with the height.

We took pictures holding a flag waving in the wind, we laughed about the height and the sign that said there was always another way.

I stood content on that bridge, taking it all in. Welcome, it said. Stay awhile.


 Oct. 2014

Instagram Love

Friday, April 24, 2015

PicMonkey Collage

This week I went with my favorite feel… quite calm and mostly country. Wide open spaces, fuzzy little chicks that beg to be cuddled, warm tones and fresh air.

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Instacrew /// East Nash

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

IMG_7533PicMonkey Collage

I thought before I moved here, that East Nash might be the area for me. It reminded me a lot of the east side of Portland. Since then I have decided that it is a fun place to visit, and it can be a good dose of nostalgia antidote when I am missing Portland, OR or North Park, CA, but ultimately it’s not where I want to live.

On this adventure day we walked up and down main/Gallatin, stood in line at Barista Parlor for a minute just to realize none of us wanted to order anything, walked back out, went into the store next door (Fuselage) which was very awesome and full of signs I would love to buy… we ventured to five corners and found what seemed like a hut with a light up sign on top, turns out it’s an entrance to a bar… go figure.

The wind was cold that day but there was much to see and pictures to be taken. Later that night there were tacos to be eaten.

I don’t get over to East Nash very often, but sometimes it’s nice to take a visit and explore.



Jan. 2015

Nashville Six Months In

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

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I don’t know where to start with this, I promised myself that this would be a positive space but I also promised myself that this would be an honest space. I want you to know from the beginning of this post that a great many good things have happened in my move here, I also want you to know that Nashville is nothing like I dreamed it would be. To those of you who are looking to move here for the country music scene I would say look elsewhere. (Or maybe look in different place than I have?) I feel silly in admitting that I was looking for a country mecca with a city close by, but it’s true. I was looking for big trucks, country in many bars and boots… all the boots.

It’s hard to write this, because there are many good things about Nashville. It’s a city that just keeps growing (bad for traffic, good for jobs and diversity), it’s creative and collaborative, there are many, many opportunities for music here. I think it still is the country music capital even though many try to deny or drop the “country” from the title. People still travel here far and wide to kick off their country careers and yet…

What is definitely prevalent here is a fashion and foodie scene. I’m seeing things that were trending in Portland, Oregon three years ago making it big here now. (Man buns anyone) I loved Portland for what it was when I was there, but I also left for a reason. Besides gourmet/artisan/creative donuts and pizza I really am not a foodie (and we don’t yet have creative donuts here). I like Chipotle, sometimes Panera, and other basic things. I don’t want to eat at restaurants that serve foofy things at high prices. Give me normal green beans or chicken or beef or potatoes, please go easy on the cheese mixed in to everything, please go easy on the things I can’t pronounce. I am adventurous when it comes to taking road trips and looking for good places to take pictures but when it comes to food, no thanks. I’ll save myself the stomach ache. The good news is that I have finally given myself permission to not care about all the restaurants here, they have come off my list of places to go try.

Nashville city proper is a great place for many young people. I see the charm, I see why people boast about how great it is here, I totally get it. There are cute shops and so much choice with food and local beer and different coffee shops, but like I said, all that makes me feel sort of like I’m living in Portland again, with more humidity.

I recently was talking to a client while on a job and she told me that it could take a couple years to really settle in, that she had moved out here from California and it took a good chunk of time to adjust. I took this as good news. I had been hard on myself up until that point wondering why I hadn’t found my place and why I was still feeling lonely. Time… it just takes time.

I admit that I am lonely and miss the comfort of home. While I do have friends out here they aren’t really ones I can meet up with every Monday night at the local bar or talk about anything and everything with…yet. I had at least a couple friends in San Diego that have known me for years and who don’t think I’m all that wild or foul mouthed… here things at least pretend to be a little more proper and I’m still figuring out where I fit in to that. Up until Sunday I didn’t think I had anyone to go try and find rodeos or country bars with… I figured I would have to go it alone and sometimes that kind of task is too daunting. I will drive a lot of places by myself, I will vacation by myself, but go to a bar alone, I have to already be out and with friends and then leave them, and even then, the bar has to have a good place to dance… preferably a bar top. I have odd standards at times, I know.

The good:
I have a group of creative friends to adventure with, I recently found that one of the group also came here for country so her and I are going country exploring… we are determined. I have a Target pretty close to my house, it hasn’t been very hard for me to find work, I have a schedule that falls pretty in line with what I thought I wanted, I have an opportunity to do exactly what I thought I wanted to do at one of my jobs (the jury is still out on if I will continue to want to do it, but it is a huge learning opportunity and it’s a heavily supported position, so I have definitely won there) and I get to drive by horses and cows and see how another state operates. I can take longer showers because we are definitely not in a drought here, my room is humongous and the library is very close so I have a plethora of book choices at all times, there is fried chicken here and not just KFC, there is hot chicken here which I dare to try every once in a while and the side roads are gorgeous for a sunny afternoon drive.

All in all, six months in is a little rough around the edges. I’m hopeful though. Moving to Nashville has been and continues to be a huge learning experience. I have been learning about myself, I have been learning how to better take care of myself, I have been learning more about what I do and don’t want, I have been meeting interesting people and I still have at least six months to fall in love with this place. Six months of warmer weather and completely new experiences. There are still so many things to do, and places to see. Crossing fingers and toes that I find a little more of what I’m looking for.


Book Club /// First Quarter

Saturday, April 4, 2015

PicMonkey Collage


Every year I tell myself I’m going to read a little less and do a little more but that rarely happens. I have been really lenient on myself about finishing books this year though. Anything that’s not grabbing me a third of the way in (sometimes a third of the first chapter) gets to go. There are far too many books I want to read and far too many other things I want to do. Because of that I have been able to come across some really awesome books! And now I want to share them with you!

Elements of Style /// Loved this book. First looked through it and thought I wasn’t going to read it… oh so glad I went back to it. I love blogger stories, even when they are about things I am not fully a part of. I love design I just don’t think I am that good at it (especially in houses), but her story was so awesome and relatable.

This is What Happy Looks Like /// For all the YA readers out there who fall for a good little love story… this book is awesome. I fell in love with the author’s writing style and then read The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight… it was a 2.5 hour read and I loved every minute of it. Not saying that these are super deep or anything, but great stories to fall in and feel warm and fuzzy about after.

The Personal MBA /// Just getting into this but loving the info that I am getting. Underlining so much. If you find yourself wondering what it would be like to go back to school for business but are unsure of the time commitment or if it’s even for you, OR if you’re like me and afraid that the classes will be like those in Farris Bueller’s Day off, start here.

Scary Close /// This is about how we relate and what it takes to get the kinds of relationships we really want to have. Honest, insightful, realistic… beautiful. I cannot say enough good things about Donald Miller, he use to live in Portland and now lives in Nashville (with some other places in between I do believe) and this book is even better than the rest. I want to re read it now that I am writing about it.

Dear Daughter /// This book got me from paragraph one. The main character is snarky and young and fun (and also in a bit of a rough place.) For me it was like a cross between Where’d You Go Bernadette and Gone Girl. Somewhat creepy, totally took me in from the beginning, suspenseful and even funny.

What have you been reading these past three months?


p.s. I link to Powells because I really like (and miss) Powells, I (sadly) get no perks for doing so. 

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