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Friday, February 27, 2015


I can and I willvia

This style of post has been called a few names over the past few years but I think it’s time to change it again. It’s not a weekly deal, it happens when I come across enough things I want to share, there is no one category (unless I find a bunch at some point). So here it is, the new lovely links, the weekly, or whatever I use to call it years ago.

This year I want to take a couple of different weekends and check out a city in each of the Carolinas, ABM has me wanting to visit Charleston in South Carolina /// Charlston, South Carolina Travel Guide

An article I should have read every hour while iced in this week /// Stop Trying to Change Your Entire Life Overnight

As well as this one /// Self-Care is Not a Pie Filling

And then after those two I would want to decide where I need some white space /// What is Taking Up the White Space in Your Life

Cupcakes and Cashmere has a feature called Career 101 that I am loving. I read and pocketed this article for future use. /// The Job Search

I have been perusing Tinder lately, but it’s not really getting back into the dating world. When I do actually jump in, this post will be helpful. /// My Sister’s Awesome Dating Tip

I have quite an obsession with photo booths, this project mimicking the strips is awesome /// Huge Photobooth Style Family Photos


Snow (Ice) days are for…

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

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– realizing it’s more of an ice day than a snow day
– wishing I had taken the weather warnings seriously gone grocery shopping
– wondering where the heck my oatmeal is
– rushing outside with four cameras to get some pictures of the backyard ice and snow
– mopping the entryway
– then deciding that the grout really needs some cleaning
– reminiscing about the age when I didn’t even pay attention to grout cleanliness
– Does this mean I’m a grown up?
– baking some cookies with the dough from a couple days ago
– Googling how long you can keep cookie dough in the fridge
– (A little less than a week)

– cleaning the baseboards in the stairwell and around my room with a piece of magic eraser
– cleaning the edges of the carpet in room and on stairs with a gloved finger (try it, disgusting, vacuum can’t reach there)
– wondering what age the OCD started setting in
– vacuuming stairs
– Going through Tinder options about two handfuls of times with no good swipe rights
– Catching up on Nashville and New Girl
-admiring cleaned grout in entry way but have bathroom grout nagging back of mind
– freaking out about cabin fever… one day in
– going to bed figuring tomorrow is going to be more of the same
– waking up and reading TN is in a state of emergency (the last one of those I was in was city wide, not state, and was for fire!)
– feeling very cagey
– walking to the grocery store across the street and stopping in Starbucks to see other people alive and working
– Watching If I Stay and crying a bit more than expected
– freaking out about the next three months to year of my life

Snow (Ice) Days are also for wearing snuggly layers and breathing in the crisp air while appreciating that our power is still working and our dwelling is nice and warm. It’s for looking in wonder at the tree branches encased in a centimeter of ice and hearing them crackle when the wind blows. It’s about remembering that I am not in control of everything.


Worthiness and Time Alone

Saturday, February 14, 2015


So there’s the study that people have been passing around FB lately, where participants were put in a room and told to think about anything they wanted. Then they were asked after the short amount of time how they felt about the experience. Many said that they were bored or found it unpleasant. The next round was a little different, the participants were told to sit and think about anything they wanted, but they also had the choice/ ability to give themselves a shock. Many of the participants, that previously had reported they would pay not to get shocked, chose to shock themselves instead of just sit and think. 

When I first read the articles about this study I shook my head and thought it sad and interesting. I spend a lot of time alone with my thoughts and while most are not pleasant, I didn’t think I would be so uncomfortable with them as to take an electric shock.

But then I thought about it a little more, and I really looked into those times I was alone with my thoughts, no music on, no distractions, and I realized that while I might not think to take a shock, I am always looking for an escape from my own, inactive and unproductive company.

My primary method of escape? To do lists. When things get quiet and I find myself with some down time, when the thoughts start to churning my immediate reaction is to just find something else to cross off the list. And while I might have initially felt superior to those who took the shock because I thought I was just fine being with my own thoughts I realized real quick that I might be worse.

After reading the articles and studies again it seemed more that the participants that took the shock were just bored. Stimulation was stimulation and the shock provided that. It wasn’t that the shock felt better than the thoughts swirling in their head, it was that they wanted something physical to do.

I, on the other hand, though not taking the shock so to speak, turn to my to do list because my thoughts are that unpleasant. Because when things get real quiet, when the music is off and there’s no place to race to next, the demons/lizard brain/judger comes out to play.

So, instead of that, it’s “what’s on the list, what can I do, what can I learn, how can I improve myself?”Because then I’m okay, then, at the very least doing something, anything towards a goal. Something that makes me worthy. 

Worthy of what you might ask?

There have been many answers over the years. Worthy of this person’s interest, worthy of my parents’ pride, worthy of my friends affection… But while it would be easier to pin it on someone else, I think what it really comes down to is being worthy of my own positive feelings.

At least if I make some delicious cookies that other people like then I can feed them. At least if I get a chore done I’m close to self sufficient and independent. At least if I make a website I’m trying to be a contender in the current job market. At least if I curl my hair and do my make up I’m pretty.

At least.

If I made crappy cookies, if I didn’t get things done and needed help, if I just threw my hair up and went out in sweatpants, if I relied on my old kind of resume… then what would I be worthy of? Certainly not a good, exciting job, or an interested gaze, or friends’ affection. That’s what comes out in the quiet times.

I’m unworthy because I don’t have a sparkling resume, I’m not worthy because I have an air mattress, because I didn’t get the ultimate dream job (I don’t even know what that looks like) days after landing in Nashville, because I don’t have a Valentine on Valentine’s Day and my ex does. Wow. That one just came off the fingertips.

Most of my life I’ve been telling myself I’m not enough, that I need to be more. I need to be cleaner, smarter, prettier, more in shape, healthier, more put together, more creative, more consistent, more… shit… just typing this out is exhausting. I’ve been in an impossible labyrinth where I choose one path and I scold myself for not taking the other while expecting myself to get through the one I did choose like a pro. Are there labyrinth pros?

No wonder I use to feel like I was pulling myself into tiny pieces keeping them just slightly apart so that the shape of me was still present but was by no means together or whole. There’s no winning, it’s a constant war.

I wish I was writing this because I found the solution to save the day. I didn’t. It’s Valentine’s Day and I’ve spent the day hiding in my room. I did go to the gym, (see judger, I’m worthy, I promise) so that can be counted as a win, right?

How does one get around this? Am I now suppose to sit still and just listen to my brain for days on end until it just doesn’t phase me anymore? Am I suppose to go out and do more things? I’m not good at not knowing what the next step is, it makes me feel dumb, lazy and yup, you guessed it, unworthy.

I don’t know how to feel worthy of things/affection/being alive when I’m sitting still. I barely feel worthy when I’m running around like a crazy person.

The judger is screaming as I’m writing this, telling me I better not post for a myriad of different reasons. I think I’m going to post it anyway. It’s hard pretending like everything is perfect.


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