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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


So, it’s December. Awesome.

Lately life has been…

> slowing down a little after the job run around of November.
> visiting a pair of horses that are housed very close to the side of a road.
> setting availability at work so I can have some sort of social life.
> making lovely, wonderful, awesome lady friends at work.
> working on two different blankets.
> watching lots of Gilmore Girls.
> baking overnight banana french toast, oatmeal/pumpkin/chocolate chip cookies, donuts, and other things.
> finding a good winter coat. It’s so incredibly warm but I think it will work just fine with layering and it looks exactly as I want it to.
> feeling and appreciating 60 degree days in the middle of 35-45 degree ones
> taking pictures of houses that I drive past and fall in love with.
> making a list of places in Nashville I want to see after spending a month not really seeing much.
> realizing how crazy wonderful it is that I’m in December, two months into my new home and I have jobs that pay my bills and feed me and have a little wiggle room for fun. I picked up and left with what responsible people would not have considered enough. And here I am, working it for what it’s worth.
> about realizing that I can afford some more expensive things if I don’t buy as many little knick knacks.
> buying myself a new lens for my camera!!! I am so, soooo excited for this. More pictures necessary!
> cleaning up my Facebook, Instagram and Bloglovin feeds and cleaning out my Pinterest boards. I felt weighted by the feeds but still wanted to look at them so finally I did a massive cleaning. I stayed friends with most people but silenced their updates. Instagram I just stopped following at least 100 people and Pinterest I deleted some useless boards and cleaned out pictures that no longer interested me on others. It felt good and now my social media perusing takes so much less time.

In short, my life has been a lot of mulling and such with work to fill in the physical aspects. I’m doing well even if I’m stressing a bit from time to time. Since it’s December I’m going to be working on my plan for the new year. Part of it is going to be figuring out how to recognize and appreciate my accomplishments big and small. I often feel like I haven’t done much and then I look back a few months and realize how much has changed. The only thing I can think is that the only thing not changing is my mind set. So there is work to be done on that in 2015 for sure.

I’ll try not to stay away from here so much this month.



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