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Instagram Love

Saturday, November 29, 2014

instagram love


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Sometimes it’s good to take a look at the list of people you follow and do a little weeding out. Then when you open instagram you get really excited again. And maybe not so jealous. Inspired… sometimes you even get inspired.


Lovely Links

Friday, November 28, 2014


Some helpful lessons /// Adventures in Self-Love: Don’t Be Such a Drama Queen

To find love /// Just Say What Is True

I’ve been dreaming of home owning, but only in dreamlike circumstances, luckily there was this post /// Our Home Buying Experience

Someday, someday maybe I will finally make a print this big /// Oversized Photo Booth Print

Because December is just around the corner!!! /// Making the Most Out Of a New Month

Winter is here? Or it’s coming… Nashville doesn’t really know. But now I have some tips on how to look decent when it really does get here. /// Tricks to Looking and Feeling Fairly Awesome Even Though It/s Freezing


Monday Intention

Monday, November 24, 2014


I’ve been quite absent here. Not really motivated to post and I realize that’s because I’m not giving myself a lot of room for fun stuff lately. So, in an effort to bring my happy levels up (and more posts on here) I’m going to get some fun squished into this work schedule I have going. Good news I’ll be working a little less in the next coming month AND I’ve made sure to take off Saturdays so I have one day that is no work all play, or sleep… whatever I choose.

My intentions for this week, in an effort to add fun into my life, are as follows:

1) See Mocking Jay
2) Create a morning routine that starts my day off happy not stressed
3) Take notes on and finish The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying
4) Get out and take pictures somewhere…anywhere
5) Enjoy Thanksgiving and watch a bunch of Gilmore Girls!


The Nectar Collective

Nevermind Breaking the Internet… Target + TOMS Breaking My Wallet

Saturday, November 15, 2014

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Oh my, oh my, oh my… my money is in for a bit of a hit it looks like. The chambray, the gray cozy sweater (btw gray is my color this winter, like 3 sweaters worth so far… oops) and blankets, I love blankets, and little bags with arrows on them. Ugh. Target is already my bank account nemesis, and my version of a tub of ice cream on a sad night (or a happy one). At least it’s very reasonably priced. I’ll probably be at Target when it opens tomorrow. Is that sad? Should I go tonight after work and see if the stuff is already put out? Maybe I’ll just swing by today.

I have an addiction, it goes by the name of Target.


November Intentions

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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I realize my last three posts have had picture with leaves… well, it’s Fall.

Lately I’ve been back to stressing a little (a lot) about the future and what I’m doing and how the heck I’m going to get to a destination I don’t know the name or the looks of.

If I take a second and stop the negative yammering “you aren’t doing enough” voice I’d realize I’ve done so much in one month it’s absolutely awesome and crazy! I packed up my life, drove pretty much across the country by myself, saw breathtaking sights and landed into a completely new town/city where I knew maybe one person. Then I quickly set up shop with two jobs, a rad roommate, some lovely pictures and new friends. That is enough. That is so crazy enough that it’s laughable to be doing more in 31 days.

I made a five+ year old dream come true this month. That’s big stuff right there. I probably don’t need to tell you ¬†readers that, but I definitely need to remind myself. In writing. So here it is: That move you just did… courageous, strong, independent and vibrant is what that makes you. Everything you wanted to be right now, every trait you value, you are. High five, pats on the back and champagne for breakfast you did it!!!!!!!!! Seriously, let’s have some rainbow cake.

::deep breath::

I haven’t tried this before, and I feel like this celebrating thing is important. So I’m going to give myself a couple more months to keep it going.

At this time, in this season (from November through December and maybe even into January) my intention is to enjoy life. I have two jobs, together they provide me with everything I need right this second. I am not making as much money as I would like (there’s time for that) but I am making friends, learning things about myself, learning about an industry I have had interest in, growing confidence, really starting to believe in myself and making ends meet.

This season is going to be a time of gratitude (Thanksgiving and Christmas time are perfect for this), of stopping and appreciating the exact moment, of reflecting on just how far I’ve come (holy crap it’s far) and listening for what’s next instead of trying to force it.

Now that I’m taking the pressure off I’m so, so excited for whatever comes next. There are so many projects that I would love to do as long as they don’t have to mean anything bigger. I have blankets to finish and maybe some dance classes to take. I have line dancing nights to find, and maybe even some dates to go on (seriously though universe, hook a girl up, you know what I like). I have a routine to slowly but surely figure out and food to learn how to cook. I have so many things that seem insignificant at times, but hey, I’m celebrating.

Here it goes: Do work, make money, spend sparingly, figure out what the term winter really means, and then do whatever else sound good in the moment. Binge watch Gilmore Girls while making a blanket, spend an hour organizing my messy, messy photo archive, bake cookies, go on photography adventures, make an online capsule wardrobe that I’ll only be able to make a reality very, very slowly. Enjoy the freedom of time in being single, flirt a lot, find the perfect shade of red lipstick, treat myself, light a candle and write myself a pep talk daily, listen to T Swift on repeat (that girl knows what self love is about), mix it up with some hardcore, bring it back to City and Colour. Who cares, just enjoy it.

Where’s the glitter?


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