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Monday Intention… on Tuesday

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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Oh Tuesday, it’s time for you to feel important. Yesterday was a full day off and I spend it as such. I adventured, I relaxed, I pinned things and I ate some mini corn dogs. All was well and really needed.

So how about those goals for last week?

Finish next layer of B/W/G blanket – Close but not quite. Taking a bit longer than I thought. I want to be done with this layer but the show must go on!
Read The Big Tiny – pretty close to finished, did read another very short book and am half way through a Southern Guide to Living which is making me smile. So, I read the equivalent of one book last week for sure.
Figure out game plan for online photo portfolio – Absolutely not at all

I feel like I’m floundering around a bit and only making goals because I can’t think of what I want the bigger picture to be soooo, this week’s goal is

Figure out my bigger picture for right now – What are my big, big goals. What do I want my life to feel like and what do I need to get there?

Woo! Let’s do this!

The Nectar Collective

My Right Now

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Read this post at We Seek Joy and decided to tackle the question myself.

What is your Right Now?

My right now is for deep breaths and taking a step back to realize just how much has been accomplished. It’s for cutting back and frugality, for seeing where things go in the next two weeks, for searching and testing but maybe not committing.

Right now is for pictures of symmetrical doorways, for reading all the books I checked out of the library. It is for continuing growth that has been on the slow track for so, so long.

Right now is for awe and gratitude while driving down side streets, it’s for a couple tears matched with the knowledge that the right choice was made. It’s about figuring out how to love and appreciate the memories, to not feel like a traitor, to honor what that time was, while being in the present and seeing all that is possible now.

Right now is about digging a little deeper into what I really want. I have a foundation, I have a town that I could potentially call home for many, many years… so now what? Not in a bad way, in a glorious, “the world (and this state) is my oyster” kind of way.

Right now is for picking and choosing, it’s for acknowledging the little treats to myself so that they don’t just become habit and drain the bank without real reward, for less sugar but at the same time testing out sweet tea.

Right now is for researching coats, puffy vests and blankets for the winter, for selling my older computer finally and for learning how to be fancy while cleaning tables. It’s about writing down addresses that I see while driving and looking up their costs later.

Some parts dreaming, other parts planning, getting into the creating.

Right now… oh right now.


Lovely Links

Friday, October 24, 2014

 IMG_4116nothing like it seems in the show huh

Honor the Immediate Yes /// How To Fill Your Home With Cheap, Beautiful, Interesting Things From Thrift Stores

I want even more country in my life /// Rodeo Queens of the West

What I found when I tried to find a town like Stars Hallow, I have a couple places to visit in Connecticut now /// If “Gilmore Girls” Actually Happened In Real Life

My journals use to just be a place for me to bed sad, but lately I’ve turned journaling around and have definitely benefitted from the change /// 8 Ways a Simple Notebook Can Change Your Life

I’ve been thinking of doing some freelance options lately /// 10 Tips for New Freelance Designers (or just freelancers)

One day I will travel on a train /// The Amtrack Experience

My new title /// Be the CEO of Your Own Destiny


Monday Intention

Monday, October 20, 2014

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Acquire a job – Not only did I get one job, but I got two last week! Then I started working at one of them on Wednesday and today I started the other one. This season of my life is described in a word, it’s whirlwind.
Read The Interestings – I gave up again. Life is too short for me to read books that I don’t look forward to. It wasn’t by any means a bad book, in fact it was enjoyable when I made myself read it, but I had to make myself read it. This month I’ve forgone self-improvement books and decided that reading is just for fun, so if I have to make myself read it I’m not doing what I want to.
Flexibility class at The Chrome Bar – I’m bad, meant to go Saturday and just felt like staying in my place, getting a bunch of things crossed off my list and out of my mind. One of these days, I promise (to myself).
Finish editing road trip pictures and share here – DONE and DONE! I edited the ones I really love, I made a shutter fly book that is on it’s way to me, I used some for new business cards and I posted all the posts!
Explore East Nashville – Did this Wednesday and Thursday after work and found some cool stuff. It was pretty rainy/gray so I didn’t get really into exploring but I did cross some places off my list.

Normally by now I would have thought through all of my goals for the week but Sunday I just told myself to enjoy the day, no chores necessary, met up with a new friend that I met through instagram, drove around town, looked for the house with the amazing driveway. Then I came home and worked on a blanket, very necessary as it’s getting colder and I’m going to need more layers on my bed.

That being said, I’m coming up with my goals for this week on the fly…

Finish next layer of B/W/G blanket – I did a lot of work on the blanket sunday but there is still a whole heck of a lot to do before it’s done. This week I want to get the current outside edge done.
Read The Big Tiny – got it from the library yesterday, pretty excited. Have to finish a YA book I’m reading before I get to it, but that shouldn’t be too hard.
Figure out game plan for online photo portfolio – A plan of action, a list of things that need to be done, a way I’m going to tackle this. There are so many parts and some might not be necessary but we’ll see, I’ve definitely been avoiding this but wanting it at the same time soooo… here’s to making a plan. (and then tackling it next week!)

What do you have up your sleeve for this week?

The Nectar Collective


Roadtrip to Nashville: The Homestretch

Saturday, October 18, 2014


I call this last leg of the trip the homestretch even though it was over two days. I woke up in Oklahoma on Wednesday, October 1st and decided to see the coolest thing I could find in Oklahoma City. I considered a bookstore and a couple other places but they wouldn’t be open that early in the morning. When I found Bricktown and the water taxis, I was sold. I gathered my things from my hotel, got caught in a tiny bit of morning traffic and then found my way to a part of town that sleeps in. It might be obvious by now, but maybe not, I really, really enjoy places when they are lacking crowds, in fact, it’s even better when they are devoid of other people. I like the pictures I can take, I like the quiet, I just really like exploring a place without having to maneuver around other bodies.
This part of Oklahoma City didn’t have many people walking around so it made for an awesome morning.

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After Bricktown I got back on yet another highway, something I still wasn’t tired of at this point, and drove through more of Oklahoma. I headed to Tulsa with one specific neighborhood in mind to see.

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I fell a little in love with the Blue Dome District. It reminded me of Portland and of something else though I’m not sure what. There were old and abandoned looking buildings that were in between bars and restaurants, there were murals, and really cool shops. I stopped for lunch at Dilly Deli which I highly recommend. Not just because the sandwich was good, but because this restaurant is so dang cute, and my waitress was so friendly and informative. I asked her about life in Tulsa, what I should see with only like 15 minutes to explore, and what happens when there are tornados. I’m slightly obsessed with this whole inclement weather thing because I’ve never had to deal with it before. She shrugged the tornados off like San Diegans shrug off earthquakes though and told me that should I see people getting out their cameras on their front porch then it’s time to hit the basement (or the downstairs bathroom). Good to know as tornados are not that likely (at all) in my part of Tennessee, but are possible.

I was a bit sad I didn’t have more time to explore Tulsa, but I had place to go and one more thing to see before Missouri!



My last stop before civilization was a totem pole found through roadtrippers. Believe me when I say this thing was weird, and I’m not sure quite worth it. It was interesting and I found some bugs I’ve never seen before in my life. Should you go through Oklahoma I feel like you could skip it and be okay. Take more time in Tulsa.

Back to the bug thing though, the trees were buzzing with noise, it was incredibly humid and as I’m walking by one of the totems I see this long, black thing that I thought was one thousandth (hundred thousandth?) of the noise coming from the trees. I looked him up later though, after someone suggestion he (she) was a cicada and it turns out it was not a cicada, but this was a cicada wasp (also known as a ground digger wasp). It was gross but I let it go as I know that my life outside of San Diego will definitely be filled with more bugs.



After leaving the cicada killer wasp to it’s totem pole (and day job) I continued on my way to Springfield, Missouri to meet up with Haley from Mushaboom. I’m going to take a quick second to talk about how awesome the internet, blogging, and instagram CAN be. Yes I definitely need to stop looking at Instagram so much, and yes, society as a whole can definitely benefit from re-learning how to talk to each other in person, BUT, there are still awesome, wonderful and amazing benefits to this thing called social media.

Okay, so, get to meeting with Haley, we chat it up until Mr. Tucker gets home and then they take me out for some food. I’m going to stop again, just to say, these two are so very generous and kind and awesome. I was a little worried that I would feel awkward because I had been alone with my thoughts for the past three and a half days but I had absolutely nothing to worry about. We talked and laughed about different cliques within the music scene, we at pizza, perused an awesome bookstore and I ate myself a delicious cupcake. The night was wonderful and their place is so well decorated. Wood floors, open kitchen, just a whole load of cuteness that I couldn’t get over. And their cat Walt, we were buddies in minutes.

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The next morning I woke early so I could get on my way to Nashville and hopefully beat out some of the thunderstorms that were suppose to be coming to every city/town I would be passing through. The drive started out looking pretty ominous but it was nothing short of an incredible view. I did manage to miss the worst of the storms the whole day. I drove through rain on my way from The Tucker’s house to Starbucks and then on a little more in Missouri, but less than an hour later and I was looking at no rain… and some people in horse drawn carriages along the road. No, seriously, horse drawn carriages, don’t worry there were signs for it.

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I didn’t want to stop too much but I did want to make sure I got out of the car in Kentucky so I headed to The Rose of the Lake for a view. I got a little lost once I reached the town, decided against eating at Patti and Bill’s Restaurant, but did manage to find this little lighthouse on a lake. It was a perfect last stop.



I made it into Nashville with a  good amount of sunlight to spare. I stopped at Target (surprisingly it was the one I had been to a year before) got myself an airbed and some other necessities and the continued on to my new apartment.

I don’t have any pretty words to wrap up this trip. It was so many different things at once. There was nostalgia, euphoria, wonder, awe, amazement and so many other emotions that I felt and probably didn’t fully process those five days (and still haven’t now, 16 days later). I’m so grateful I was in a position to be able to do this and have a family that supports me so much. The two words that kept coming up were gratitude and grace. All I know is that this trip was everything I hoped it to be and more. Which is what I can also say for Nashville thus far.


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