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What a Week!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

what a week!


Lovely links didn’t happen Friday because I have been on the go non stop. I have been all over the place in the last 7 days.

Saw old friends
Cheered them on while they bowled
Made up with a friend after 1 1/2 years of not talking… I’m so relieved and thankful
Went to the fair with my work, and then stayed after they left with friends from Cinepolis
So… 11 hours at the fair
Did some more driving, saw some more friends
Listened to music
Acquired a hat… then took selfies in it
Got a mean sunburn on my scalp but managed to keep the sunburn off of the rest of my body for the most part
Saw a band I’ve been meaning to see for over a year now
Took my brother to Vidcon
And subsequently saw swarms of girls bum rush YouTube stars… very confusing

Last night I came home, did laundry (nice clean sheets were absolutely necessary) and slept and relaxed. This morning I made food for next week and spent a good amount of time on bloglovin.

All in all I had such a great time and I am so thankful for all the experiences this week brought. I’m also super ready for some mellower weeks.

And maybe a Fourth of July bbq!



A War Between My Legs and I

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

frankI have a confession… I do not have smooth, silky legs. Not even minutes after I shave. It’s been something I’ve struggled with (first world problems) since I started shaving. I don’t know what it is about my legs but they do NOT like being shaved. It’s been a war for years. I tried cheap razors and man that was a real problem. I switched to more expensive ones, the ones with moisturizer and shaving cream already on them, the ones with guards… I went through different shave gels, I tried conditioner (fully dulling my expensive razors super fast) and a DIY thing of olive oil and lemon and salt and who knows what else. No luck.

I’ve searched and I’ve scoured the internet and for a while I figured I was the only one with this problem. Well, no, I know I’m not the only one but most of the suggestions I found on line were things that I already tried. Some of the suggestions were even contradictory. Shave right when you get in the shower, shave five minutes in, shave at the end… Just in case you are wondering, it’s about 5 minutes in, warm but not super hot water.

I’ve tried a lot of things, and while many may have given up by now I am still on the search for a method that will finally, FINALLY get me some silky smooth legs, that last for more than two hours.

My latest weapon in the war against razor burn, burning slightly itchy skin and painful goose bumps… Frank. I found Frank through my friend’s blog, Eat Clean Dance Dirty. I must warn you, the blog is not necessarily safe for work, BUT it is full of tips and tricks from my pole instructing and studio owning babe of a friend. (Also if you happen to look at the post right before the linked one, you might just find some tips from yours truly about Booty Bounce…just saying.) Like I was saying, I found out about Frank from ECDD and decided I had to try it. Silky smooth with natural ingredients? Getting a little dirty to get clean? Awesome branding and web presence? Done! Seriously, check out their instagram page for selfies with Frank, oh yes, real men scrub.

When I first got Frank out of the mail box I was hoping that good things came in small packages, because I had expected him to be bigger. But worry not, it turns out a little of Frank goes a long way.

After a got a little cardio in I rushed to the shower. I opened Frank up and WHAM! delicious coffee smells enter my nose. Oh how I wish I could drink coffee, it smells, so so good. Guess I’ll just have to stick with rubbing it all over my body. 😉 I poured a little of Frank into my coffee cup and wet my legs up (not sure if that is necessary but I went for it anyway) and rubbed the mixture in circles all over my legs and booty. I’m not usually one for getting too dirty, I have to really be in the mood to sit in the sand at the beach, but I very much enjoyed putting this on and sitting for ten minutes (on instagram taking the best selfie I could with Frank… see above) to let it all dry and soak in.

After ten minutes I took a shower, which felt amazing washing off the sweat of exercise and the coffee grounds and wouldn’t you know, my legs felt soooo good. I was hopeful when I got my razor out and tried to shave. Alas, no luck on the improvement on that part. I’m hoping after I use Frank a couple more times, maybe get a months worth then I’ll get better at this shaving thing once and for all.

Because Frank wasn’t the immediate answer to my problems I decided to do a little more searching on the good ol’ internet. I found a lot of the same ol’, same ol’ but I also found a couple tips that might be helpful in the future.

1) My water may be too hot. I looove a hot, hot shower. But that’s not really going to help me in the shaving department. It’s going to put my skin on alert and get it sensitive and maybe even a little swollen. So, warm it is.

2) Exfoliating right before a shave is already being rough on the skin. Shaving is exfoliating a second time. So maybe next time I’ll use Frank one night and then shave the next, in warm, not hot, water.

3) Slowing down. I already take a long shower because I have a lot of hair and it’s not a quick wash, so usually when i get to shaving it’s a quick run. It’s possible that I’m pushing a little too hard and shaving too quick. Sloooow down.

4) Topical anesthetic. It could keep the skin from preparing for the onslaught and then after it can keep it calm. Sounds like a good possibility!

For the next month or so I’ll using these tips and slathering myself in Frank, and hopefully by the end of summer I’ll have won the war on my legs.

Do you have any tips not listed here?


Tips 1-3 from here
Tip 4 from here

Monday Intention

Monday, June 23, 2014

monday motivationvia

What I like about Monday Inspiration is I have a plethora of quotes and things filed away on Pinterest that I forget about and then get reintroduced to when I am looking for something valid to my current state of mine. Each week is a different in some way. This quote is not just valid for this week, it’s valid for this new season in my life. I’ve started taking some initiative on things that I had been putting on the back burner.

In the past few months I have taught dance classes, learned the basics of a photo editing software, started blogging more regularly, acquired an awesome and wonderful computer, seen a new state, cut a handful of inches off my hair, put my nose ring back in and switched my room around. I’m in this new season and it’s terrifying and exciting and sometimes sad, but altogether it is good. So here’s to making more first steps or continuing on with 5th, 35th and 105th steps in areas I want to grow.

I was putting tasks up for these intentions for the past month but I think I am going to change it up a little bit and get a little less detailed and a little more pep talk-y. A love letter to the week ahead.

Dear Monday,

I vacillate in my feelings regarding you. For a while I refused to hate Mondays anymore, which was pretty easy considering I didn’t work on them. But lately it’s been hard and I’ve looked over at you from the lowering wall of Sunday and felt a little trapped.

I’m working Monday, I’m starting now instead of waiting and my intention is to eventually have a better relationship with you. In fact, my goal is to be excited by your upcoming arrival come Sunday nights. I want to look forward to you and the work we do.

Monday, I’m sorry we’ve been at odds, I’ll be working on my part. You haven’t done anything wrong.


What’s your relationship with Monday?


Lovely Links – Job Hunt

Saturday, June 21, 2014


a somewhat tranquil picture, because job hunting is anything but

This post got pushed back a day because I just had, had, had to post about my Dream Road Trip. But not to worry, this post is full of links. Super full. No explanation on these, just straight links for the time in your life when you’re job hunting. Or maybe even if you aren’t exactly but want to make your resume and LinkedIn profile look just a little better.

What They Really Want to See On Your Linked In Profile

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 How I Made the Most of Underemployment

Making a Career Transition

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When they ask for salary requirements /// One , Two , Three

The Thank You Note

14 Top Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

If you are job hunting, good luck! Treat yourself to ice cream and baths as often as possible.


image found here

My Dream Roadtrip

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 5.38.43 PM

Dream Roadtrip to Nashville | My new trip on Roadtrippers.com!

Roadtrippers has this cool little contest going with planning a Dream Road trip. I’ve been dreaming of getting out of town in my car and seeing the states for a long, long time now. I have a hint of a plan in the works already but oh man, would winning this contest make this trip that much better!!! If I won $500 in gas this is what I would do.

I would start in California:

From home in Oceanside, CA. I’ll start the trip off easy, almost instant gratification. I’ll pull up to Wigwam Village #7  to take pictures of these cute little places! Then I’ll head on to…


In Nevada the stop will be Las Vegas. Unlike many, my fascination with Vegas lies not in gambling or drinking in excess, instead I will be satisfying my fascination with Ferris Wheels, (The Strip now houses the largest one), and neon signs. Then on to Arizona…


After the bright lights and the big city it will be time to slow down and appreciate what nature made. Specifically the Grand Canyon. As per Roadtrippers suggestion, I’m heading toward Horseshoe Bend and I plan on being there at daybreak or sunset… I’ll be doing more research to decide what is the best.

New Mexico:

After sitting in awe for a while and taking it all in, maybe even after a night’s sleep, I will be heading to Four Corners to kick off my time in New Mexico.  After being four places at once I’ll stop to marvel at The Blue Hole of Santa Rosa. Then I’ll be onto my last stop in the state, Tee Pee Curios. I have a thing for tee pees/wigwams.


I haven’t decided on any stops through this tip top part of Texas, but if I should see something from the road I’ll stop to take a picture for sure.


I’m going to have a lot of driving through this state, towards the end I’ll stop at Philbrook Museum of Art, probably just to walk around the grounds. To keep with my Native American theme I’ll leave Oklahoma right after viewing the Largest Totem Pole.


I am so, so exited about this part of the trip. While it’s not directly in line to Nashville, I plan on going to Springfield, MO to meet up with the lovely Haley Tucker! Blog friends turned real life meeting! It will be the perfect way to see one more city and then head on to my new home…

Nashville, Tennessee!

That’s right, I’m not just going on a road trip in this dream, I’m moving. Taking everything that fits in my car and finding myself in Nashville. Don’t worry, I’m not another girl with a guitar looking to make it big. I’m just a girl, with a dream of a new town, and another adventure.


Where would you go, if you could. If you had $500 in gas to get you there?


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