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52 Dishes: 16-20/52 Playing Catch Up

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I’ve been playing a little bit of catch up lately with this project. I had a whole 11 days with a glorious kitchen and great appliances so I made a few things. I found myself a little burned out after I made about 5 different things in a few days so I took a break but I’m getting closer, closing the gap and what not. 
This last week and a half (ish) I made:
I bought a baguette and cut it into pieces and let them sit out overnight to get them a little stale. I think it might have been even better if I had waited a little longer but I was impatient. I really liked this cold too, but I like pancakes, crepes and french toast cold later anyway. Also, I was suppose to have the buttered side of the bread on the top with the sugar which probably would have caramelized it more. Oh well, still was delicious. Will definitely make this again.
I made this while I was house sitting because my sister has this awesome electric mixer which was just what I needed. I am not good at kneading dough and that thing is a pro. I liked the dough better than ones that I have before. I liked it better than the packages you get at trader joes, and those are pretty good, but I’m still not convinced. I want a thinner crust overall, but one that puffs up a little more at the edges. I think I’ll probably try a couple more before the year is through. 
18: Spinach, onion and Mushroom Pizza, no cheese
There was no new recipe for this one, it’s just my favorite kind of pizza. I was going to make pizza sauce myself but didn’t find a good rustic tomato/artisan pizza sauce. Something else to work on this year. Maybe I’ll do that with arugula. Yum.
19: SalmonAsparagus and a Baked Potato
This is kind of the same as the packets I made with tilapia but I don’t care. I am counting it. Especially because this is the first time I cooked asparagus. It’s my new favorite vegetable. 
Oh my gosh, so much went into make these. The actual recipe is super easy but I bought the ingredients and decided to make them on a girl’s night I had. I put them in the pantry and went off to go dancing one night and I came home and didn’t notice that they were gone. Fast forward to the next afternoon when I am looking for all my ingredients for each dish I wanted to make and I couldn’t find the marshmallows or the chocolate chips anywhere. I then had a flashback to a small piece of plastic wrap I had found by the back door where Zeus sleeps, so I run into the other room where he “hides” things that he tears up and sure enough there was shredded plastic wrap all over. And then there was the full bag of chocolate chips with a small hole in it. Marshmallows gone, chocolate still okay. I was very thankful that he didn’t eat the chocolate and found the whole thing pretty funny. So then on the day of girl’s night I had a friend pick up marshmallows but then I added like 5 other things for her to pick up and by the time she got to my house she had forgotten the marshmallows so I had to ask another friend that was coming for them. Sigh. But eventually the marshmallows arrived and these were made.
They are delicious. But they are sneakily rich. I don’t suggest eating 4 after having a margarita… unless you have a strong stomach that won’t hate you later. I had a s’more hang over the next day, couldn’t even look at the remaining treats. I probably won’t ever eat them again honestly, but they were good. That one time. Well, four times. I recommend them to people with self control. 
So there was my first round of catch up, I’m not sure I’ll do that many in a short time again any time soon, I’ll probably just double up most weeks, but we’ll see. Need to get inspired again. 
What have you been cooking?

Lovely Links

Friday, August 9, 2013

Sometimes I think I could just live in an Airstream Trailer. But it would have to look like this guy’s does.

A healthy way to end a relationship ::: Break Up Parties

Been feeling stuck like me lately? Time to make small changes? ::: 10 Ways to Get Your Act Together

A post I come back to every now and again ::: In Praise of the Unplanned Career

What posts have caught your eye lately?


52 Dishes: 15/52 Orzo, Corn and Avocado Salad

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dish 15 was a nice light, delicious summer dish. I’m not sure if it’s actually a summer dish but it seems perfect to me because it’s light, has corn and goes well with some chicken or by itself. I’m pretty sure those aren’t the actual qualifications of a summer dish, but it sounded good to me. It’s also pretty simple to make. Simple is what I like when cooking. One of the goals of this project was to get myself out of a meal rut which consisted of burritos, egg sandwiches, and noodles with meat sauce. Any time I thought about eating at home I would feel bored or burned out about my choices so I would opt to go get something at a drive through. 
That’s where recipes like this one come in, they aren’t hard, they don’t take much time, there are plenty of leftovers (for this dish I cut the recipe in half and still had too much, hashtag singlegirlproblems), they are healthy, AND they are delicious too!
I didn’t have any trouble with the recipe, I think I could have cooked the orzo a little less, still working on perfect al dente with pastas. 
The recipe called for a small amount of cilantro which is a bummer because now I have a heap of cilantro and don’t have another recipe I want to use it in… curses!
Was it good? Yes. Will I make this again sometime? Most likely!
What about you, what have you been cooking (or craving) lately?

Little Reminders

Saturday, August 3, 2013

I am reminding myself of this daily, no, hourly. Work is slowing down and it’s time to find a new job which often sends me into a tailspin, but I’m doing it. Sometimes with a margarita at my side. Sometimes I have to stop, pick up a pen and open a blank page in my journal and just write out my goal for the perfect life and write until I feel it, and the hope for it. Sometimes I just have to get away and take a shower, eat some food, drink some water or dance around a bit. Sometimes the worry sticks hard and my tongue feels like it’s swelling and I wonder how I’m going to possibly pay for anything. 
But I keep coming back to this… I have better uses for my imagination. Worry does nothing but waste time and energy. 
I am promising here, to use my imagination for more good than not. Even if it starts off at 51% to 49%. I’m going to keep doing this, keep pushing, keep dancing and drinking margaritas if I have to. Keep cooking and blogging, keep reading and taking pictures of anything pretty. Imagination will be for good, not evil. It’s time for the impossible to have a fighting chance.

Lovely Links

Friday, August 2, 2013

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Two dishes I’ll have to add to my 52 in 52 ::: Broccoli Pasta Salad & Blackberry Cobbler
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What posts and things have caught your eye lately?

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