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I Couldn’t Agree More

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Developed: An Adventure In Processing

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

For a while I stopped developing my film. Mostly because I thought the only way to do so was expensive. I had problems in the past with 1-hour offerings and so I shied away from them and when the itch struck would just give in and pay a large amount at a professional lab.

This week I remembered my love for film again, outside of the frustration of cost. I went back to the professional place and by chance/coincidence/fate I only managed to bring one of the three rolls I had wanted developed. I had grabbed two unused rolls in unmarked canisters, something I didn’t notice until I was gathering my things outside of the lab.
It worked out well though. I decided I would try some different options. I would get the roll on hand developed at the professional place and then I would experiment with the other two.

The first roll developed was the one most recently completed, so I had a better idea of what I want going to see, the other two were a mystery. I figured if the other places screwed up the processing it wouldn’t be that big of a loss.

I did my research, looked for places to send film into and then ran across a blog post by a person who gets hers done at walmart. She drops of her 120 film to them, writes on the package and it comes back developed well, and only for a few bucks! I’m not a fan of Walmart, but Costco has a similar system, and I had heard good things about them through a photographer I recently started following, so I decided to test my fate with the regular 35mm film.

Today I walked into Costco with my mystery rolls and asked that they be developed and keep the film uncut. I had thought about it on my journey and realized that getting them printed would be harder, because the machine might not recognize the black space, but if I just had them put onto a cd it wouldn’t matter. The developing would be the same either way and if something messed up in the transfer to the computer I could always go back and get more specific about the area that I wanted as my picture.

It worked. I came home with my two cds and my pictures look just as good as the ones done by the professional photo lab. Because I don’t get mine printed at the moment I didn’t need the colors to be as vibrant, something I’m not sure Costco would be able to handle as I think their machines automatically color correct.

Now, here’s the real doozy… cost:

Professional Photo Lab: $16 and change for one roll of film to CD
Costco: $9 and change for two rolls to CD

A couple closing thoughts.
– Going to costco will not work for when I want to develop through the sprocket holes, luckily I found a place that will do that, but it has to be sent out. They are the cheapest I’ve seen for send out thus far, but the charge for developing into the sprocket holes adds a good $10 to your order. Ouch. Good thing I don’t do that often, nor do I really want to. That will be a special project.

– I didn’t ask if Costco sends out for 120 film. They do all of their 35mm processing in the store still unlike the Walmart that the blog post talks about. Places like CVS, Target and Walgreens have been closing down their film processing and are relying on their digital kiosks now so that might be an issue. I may have to find myself in a Walmart…

For now I’m just excited that I can take and develop my 35mm film on the inexpensive side. I missed the excitement of seeing what came out.


wildly inspired by…

Friday, January 25, 2013

“There is no right place or right time. Great, crazy, amazing things are happening all the time, everywhere. You just have to be there to see them happen.”

Three photographers I have happened upon semi recently that I am completely inspired by. Check them out!

52 Dishes: Week 3

Thursday, January 24, 2013

week 3:
I have a confession to make. I did not make something week 3. I could give you a list of excuses but they don’t really matter, it just didn’t happen. So I decided I would make something else this week for half credit. Because 50% is better than a 0%, or so they told us in school.

Because I was only getting half credit for this (and because there are few foods I really want to eat right now) I went for the simple. Also, I kinda wanted to make something that would turn out good, no matter what. The last two dishes were so-so… but pancakes? I’ve been making pancakes since birth… or early childhood. I even burned my hand once… but really I think that was making french toast. Either way, that skillet was hot.
I didn’t have any syrup but I did have Nutella… what’s syrup? I didn’t even sit down and eat these like a lady, I mean, I rarely do with breakfast foods. Pan, to plate, to mouth… sometimes before they are fully cooled. When I have syrup you might find me stationed over the sink, pouring it directly onto the pancake and the trying to get the bite in my mouth without getting syrup on me. Because I’m in pajamas, and clearly those need to stay clean.
I don’t have any learning points to share… BUT I would just like to say I didn’t use Bisquick, that to make this even semi legit I had to make it with the real ingredients. I think I need to use butter to coat the pan next time, it makes the outsides just a little crisper. Mmmm delicious.
Week four will need to be something healthy, I should get on choosing and cooking it here pretty soon.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

location: My bed… where all the real work gets done. 😉
And that I literally mean work, like writing, blogging, brainstorming and the like. I wouldn’t be opposed to other types of work here though. 
which then made me think of this:

mood: Positive and aware. A little high off of it, it’s been a while. 

eating: ugh… just had a wetzel pretzel a bit ago but eating hasn’t been easy lately. mostly bananas, toast, some avocado rolls, some chicken for nutrients and protein and greek yogurt with honey, oh and oatmeal.

drinking: water. I have had one diet coke in the last month, and that was about 2 1/2-3 weeks ago. Guess this unknown stomach issue has some benefits?

watching: I don’t watch many things. I always think about starting a series or something but I need a hands on project if I’m going to do that. Like a blanket. Because otherwise I feel like I’m wasting time just watching a show. 

reading: May Cause Miracles, going back to Gabrielle Bernstein, couldn’t be at a better time. A book about Polaroid, Steal LIke An Artist (more like referencing it every once in a while), blogs

loving: how comfortable my bed is and that it’s not freezing in my room anymore. I went through the coldest nights/days San Diego has seen in 23 years without a heater. I live in a room built off a garage, it’s cold. But my heater now works and my room is a decent temp without it.
I do understand that San Diego’s lows are not that low, but sleeping in a 38-40 degree room still isn’t fun for me.

learning: About myself, daily. Sometimes I don’t really want to learn these things but I know in the end it will be better. Learning through reading, learning through struggling through days. Learning. Learning through new people and situations, through falling into old habits and wondering why. So much learning.

Also, you can use your used dryer sheets to pick up dust, works like the swiffer cloths. 

thinking: I wish I could bottle this positive energy and save it for those days I hit a low. That I could save this perspective, and reach it when I need it the most. 

wishing: for some relief in the stomach area. I’ve been some sort of sick for about a month now and, well, I’m tired of it. I’m wishing for a full night’s sleep, some mental peace and quiet. 

LIfe’s been in a work, rough, lately. I have good days and I have absolutely awful want to stay in bed days… sometimes I have both in one day, depends on the hour really. It’s enough to make a girl feel a little loose in the screws. But I’m figuring it out, appreciating the times that I don’t feel like hiding under the covers from everything. Trying to do something, anything, even if I hate every fiber of everything, during the times that everything seems real bleak. 
I gave myself a little bit of self indulgent woe is me time, then I hated it so I tried something else.
Life can be a real piece of work sometimes. 

First and foremost I want my ability to sleep back. I think everything else can fall back into line a little easier if I can get at LEAST 7 hours of solid, uninterrupted sleep a night. I know people survive without it, but I don’t have babies or any reason to be waking up. So until those days are upon me (at least give me three more years universe) I would like sleep. Because I love sleep, I don’t feel guilty sleeping. 
Also, I don’t feel guilty eating, so if I could get back to eating normally that would be wonderful too!


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