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Portland Love: Adventure Day to Sauvie Island

Monday, August 29, 2011

Portland Love is a series in which I take to the streets of Portland, eating at new places, shopping at new shops, smelling old books and doing my best to not get too wet without the use of an umbrella. It’s my way of falling in love with this city over and over again while sharing it with you. Enjoy! 

I have a confession to make… The first time I went to Sauvie Island was not the day of the beach trip. I had been weeks before (maybe even a little over a month before) berry picking with my friend Alysha. 
Honestly Sauvie Island is like a small piece of paradise to me. It has quiet shores, fruits and veggies for days, and beautiful views. If I thought I was going to live in Portland forever I’d probably try to find myself a house there… it’s probably super expensive though. 

Our day of picking started with eating at Chipotle and getting really full. I put loads of sunscreen on before I even left the house because I knew we would be in the hot sun all day. The temperature when the wind blew was perfect but at some points during our adventure the raspberries vines blocked the wind from reaching us. Sun glasses got fogged and I had left the house without a hair tie. The pits. 

Kroger farm where we picked berries is gorgeous. There was an area that had tents and picnic tables for events and it looked like they were setting up for a wedding. 
When we first arrived we parked in a field and then found ourselves some boxes and cartons to hold what we were going to pick.
We looked at the signage and I took a picture so we could see where we were when we were out there. Going to be real honest, we figured out where everything was more by talking to people we passed than the sign. 

We started our walk straight ahead and made a slight turn to the left following some other people in the distance. We first came across some blueberries but they didn’t seem quite ripe so we trekked on. We found the first vines of raspberries but they seemed a tad picked over so we went back a couple of rows. Success. 

The rows stretched on for a good distance and berry picking is a bit of a slow process. Most of the berries came right off the vine. In the beginning I may have picked some unripe ones but once we started getting into it the pickings got better. We went down one row, came up to the house and walked a couple rows over to go back down to the path. On our way back we found a treasure trove of perfectly ripe raspberries and so we picked more while the sun was quite hot and the wind deterred by the vines.

After our hour or so of raspberry picking we walked around attempting to find other berries. Our point of being there at first had been strawberries but when we looked at them there were slim pickins. Pretty sure they were done a couple weeks earlier in the season. The blackberries were close to ripe but not quite there yet so we left those be as well.
We saw some artichoke plants which I found awesome and fascinating as well as other raspberry vines which had been horribly picked over. We had done well to go to the farther ones. Can’t say it had been on purpose but sometimes you happen upon great things.

Despite leaving with only raspberries we felt the adventure was definitely a success. I mean, look at all those raspberries! I ate some of them after I dropped Alysha off, not going to lie, I didn’t even wash them. 😮 They were so, so much better than any store raspberry I had ever eaten. And not because I put sweat and toil into getting them either. Honestly it wasn’t that strenuous to pick them. 😉
I knew I wasn’t going to be able to eat them all before they got bruised and mushy so I started freezing them batch by batch.

I read somewhere during my fresh food research that you have to freeze them outside of a bag before you put them all together. So that’s just what I did (and later I did that with a bunch of strawberries from the grocery store).
Like I said before Sauvie Island is awesome and full of wonderful things for a food and relaxation nerd like me. I highly recommend it. I’m not sure I’m going to do the pumpkin patch or anything like that this year though, I hear getting off the island on the one road can be a bit difficult and time consuming. I might give it a shot anyway, I want to make a pumpkin recipe from fresh pumpkin this coming fall.
If you have a place you want me to check out feel free to leave me a comment or email me! 

Happily Wasted: What I Mentally Consumed This Week

Monday, August 29, 2011

This week has consisted of a lot less movie/tv show watching it seems. I came to a bit of a stall on my current project that I work on while watching these shows and such and so I’ve opted for other things like reading or walking in circles. I need to get more yarn to finish this project because I am soooo close to putting it all together but alas the place I can get my yarn is a bit far away and my car is in time out until I get the tags current and Chase stops dragging their feet.
Hopefully I’ll get that situated tomorrow morning and next week can be more eventful!

Movies/Shows Watched
– Bones Finished Season 2, started season 3
– Pretty Little Liars Weekly Episode
Listened To
– A Loss For Words – The Kids Can’t Lose
– Paramore (everything)
Read (or currently reading)
Yes Man
The Sea Wolf – Jack London

Favorite Posts/Articles
A good kick in the booty for some motivation is sometimes good!
Back to School Party? Um, Yes Please!!!
This engagement story. Props.

What have you visually consumed this week?

Portland Love: Sauvie Island Beaches

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Portland Love is a series in which I take to the streets of Portland, eating at new places, shopping at new shops, smelling old books and doing my best to not get too wet without the use of an umbrella. It’s my way of falling in love with this city over and over again while sharing it with you. Enjoy! 

Last weekend Nicole and I ventured out to the Sauvie Island Beaches. I was super excited to get myself to a beach again seeing how I haven’t seen one since I left California…
I didn’t know what to expect because I wasn’t thinking beaches like home but Sauvie Island brought it! 
First, the sand was pretty close to home. The gentle sloshing of the water on the shore was relaxing.
We took a pretty long drive around the island with a police man on our tail… stressed me out because lately I’ve been waiting for Chase to get the title to my car transferred to Oregon but they are taking their sweet sweet time and so, against better judgement I was driving with expired plates AND expired travel permit… I have since stopped driving more than a couple blocks (groceries & work) until this all gets figured out. Thanks a billion Chase. Really, kick rocks.
Anyway, back to peaceful and wonderful Sauvie Island…
Perfect temperature that day, slight breeze. 

Looking up

 Nicole’s serious face…
Asking how Benny was liking it. 
A Boat! 
Perfect angle Benny, making your mom look like she’s eating your ear. Silly goose.

A log. 
 Two guys stealing a long log, they eventually hopped on a few and called it their boat. 
Benny looking quite thoughtful.

The road home.
After we lost the police officer (who never pulled me over and was talking on their phone the whole time) we bought a parking ticket and found our spot to settle in. We put our blankets/towels down and Nicole got down to sunbathing business… and I started smelling something slightly illegal. Oh kids down the way a bit. They realized we could smell what was going on but we just shook our heads and talked some more. I was hoping secretly the police man following me would show up on the beach but alas no such thing happened and it’s probably not good karma to wish a policeman upon someone else when you have something you need fixed… 🙂
As documented above there were boys moving logs and putting them together to make rafts to lazily float on with drinks. I just laughed at their efforts.
Benny didn’t really know what to think of everything. He would occaisionally want to go see what another group was doing but he doesn’t like to get far from Nicole so he’d stop and contemplate the water. Nicole tried to get him to go in but he was NOT having that so she got her feet wet and then went back to sunbathing.
As we left I decided I needed to come visit these beaches a couple more times before the season ended. While it wasn’t free it was definitely cheaper than walking around downtown or even on Hawthorne. 
Next time I think we should bring food for a picnic!


Happily Wasted: What I Mentally Consumed This Week

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Normally this gets posted on Sunday but I had some awesome friends here Saturday night and Sunday just went to the dogs as a result. So here it is Monday (almost Tuesday) and I’m posting this. All still relevant and I didn’t cheat by adding things from these extra days. You’re welcome!

Movies/Shows Watched
– Bones First 16 Episodes of Season 2
– Midnight in Paris
– Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Listened To
– A Day To Remember – Homesick
– A Loss For Words – The Kids Can’t Lose
Read (or currently reading)
Animal Dreams
Started but couldn’t commit to:
Keepers of the House
Barbara Walters – Audition

Favorite Posts/Articles
Oh goodness, while Mad Men was too depressing for me to watch past the first season, I am totally smitten with Banana Republic’s Mad Men Collection I found out about here.
I love Kyla’s post on stretching her ears! Makes me think about what size is my stopping size… and getting more pretty jewelry.
The hardest question, answered in photographs found via this blog post.
I love this gorgeous post about finding the quiet times in life.
The sweetest little baby announcement movie.


Big Big Compliment

Friday, August 19, 2011

The dress looks a bit more revealing here than it actually is…I promise
Later I will tell you all about my day with Nicole, but until then I just want to let you know that while Nicole and I were around town yesterday afternoon/night I had a man tell me I looked like I had just walked out of The Sartorialist.
Um, awesome! 
Recently I’ve been making more of an effort when dressing myself (I had to do something, I was in dire straights) and so to be complimented the second outfit in was so rad. Such a big compliment. 
Seriously, someone take my picture…
Oh wait, Nicole already did! Share those later!

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