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Soked! (So stoked, just made it up!)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

So I was just perusing my bloglobin (mcglubbin… eh eh… sorry, apparently I’m prone to pun at 3:05am) and I came across a post from one of my favorites Kyla. I sent her a postcard a while back and she got it! Not only did she get it, she posted a picture of it!

That just made my life that much brighter. I scrolled over it and was like waiiiiit, that’s MINE! I thought my tax return put me on cloud 9 but nope, this did too!
In other news it’s been real busy for this girl. Job shopping, living with friends, loving Portland… figuring life out. You know, the usual. 🙂 I can honestly say I am really happy right now though. I have had moments of “how am I going to pull this off” thoughts but they leave just as quick as they wash over me. It’s all good here.
gnight for now

100 flicker worthy pictures: The final set!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This picture set is not what I originally planned for the last one but I couldn’t pass it up because there was no way I was going to fit all of them into my Day 2 post from My Trip to Portland. So here are some of my favorites from Hearst Castle!
I think this is a regal way to tie up the ends of #6.
Saving grace

Even in the corners

two glorious paintings

filled to the brim

at the edges

best room in the house

color of light

stairs so small

no e-z bake


WOOO! Now I have some time to relax and figure out my 100 things project starting in March. OOP! Looks like that gave away one of my 25 before 26’s!


Sunday Share Circle – My Big Head

Monday, February 14, 2011

Now that my posts about my trip are done I’m back on schedule! Today, share circle. Just like in kindergarten when you would bring things into share with the class.

I recently just scanned a whole load of pictures from my younger years which is a feat in and of itself, then I put the ones that were really special to me into ONE, yes one, album! There were so many pictures I wanted to share here for one reason or another. Usually I just wanted to share a laugh. So this month is blast from the past sharing month!

Today I am sharing: Christmas and my absolutely enormous head.

I always knew I had a slightly large head considering many hats just do not fit me but it wasn’t until I recently came upon this picture that I realized how very large (long?) my head really is. Crazy right? If that’s not embarrassing enough, I’m kidding an ornament. I think it’s because there was a bear on it and I really liked it but my memory is a little hazy. 🙂

Honestly I am not embarrassed about my large skull. I like it think it’s because I house so much brain OR my brain is so special my skull is extra thick to protect it. Either way I’m a winner!

It’s like Natalie Portman’s character said in No Strings Attached:
AK (ashton kutcher): you’re really smart.
NP: Yeah, sometimes my neck hurts.
AK: why?
NP: From holding a brain this big.

Don’t quote me word for word on that but that was the gist. Made me laugh. I definitely want to use that in a conversation one day.

Welp, time to plan out the next week! Feel free to share a blast from the past moment


Trip to Portland: Last day of Driving

Saturday, February 12, 2011

This post is all pictures of the road. I didn’t get out of the car much on my last day because I had 11+ hours and I didn’t feel like dilly dallying. Also, I didn’t have any places I really wanted to stop except this one diner like place that is delicious but unfortunately I got too hungry before I got there and stopped in Medford instead at a mall I had been to before. 
I started the morning leaving San Francisco. I made a wrong turn and ended up right on the coast which was a nice treat.

Stopped at Taco Bell for some healthy (haha) lunch. Needed to stay fueled for the rest of the day.

There was a lot of driving, got excited as I would pass each city I remembered like Weed and Yreka (pronounced Y-reeka, not ur-eeka). I knew after Yreka the border was soon. I had a friend from Southern California see if I wanted to hang out, I said sure if I wasn’t just crossing the Oregon border.

The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful. Just music from Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, A Day To Remember, Mumford and Sons and more. I was so ready to get to Portland that I didn’t stop to see many things. The good news was the drive was really pretty and I didn’t get lulled to sleep by the road. Big plus. 
I finally got to Portland at about 9pm and said hi to Tiffany and then went to a bar with Bryan. 
I came home and crashed at 12, so exhausted from everything but so excited to be in Portland again.
So there you have it! My trip from San Diego to Portland in 5 days.

Trip to Portland: Weekend in San Francisco

Thursday, February 10, 2011

After a night of dancing Chels Dogg and I didn’t wake up until 12. Well, I didn’t wake up til 12, her and Knife Fight Ruby woke up a bit earlier. After putsing around and talking for a good long bit Chels and I started our Saturday at All You Knead. I wanted to go here for brunch (well, it was more like a late lunch considering we didn’t get there til 2…). I was so stoked for their veggie buscuits and gravy I about died. So good. After our food I took some time walking around The Haight while Chels met up with a friend from the past. 
yum yum entrance

I went into my favorite bookstore, The Booksmith, there and found some gorgeous cover art. I was so in love I HAD to buy one. Jane Eyre welcome to my book collection! (As I was typing this my sister text me saying her english teacher chose the same book for her to read!)
pretty Wuthering Heights covers, I really want the one on the left

my new book

After The Booksmith I walked around some more, stopped in the Bettie Page store to drool over gorgeous dresses, looked in Cheap Thrills for little knick knacks and perused the merch at Giant Robot. Surprisingly I couldn’t find anything I really wanted anywhere but The Booksmith which was good (for me). I had way less than normal to talk myself out of.


art store yarn

chess mural on high school
I finally made my way to the cafe Chels was at with our friend from high school and chatted with them for a bit. After Chels and I went home to bake a cake (well she baked it, man that was good) for her roommate’s birthday party. Alas I have no more pictures of that night but I will say it was a great party filled with craft talk and possible suggestions for my future! Absolutely lovely. After everyone left I tucked myself into bed and finished Anne Lamott’s Operating Instructions. Wooo, book #1 for February! 
I had big plans for Sunday which started with a George’s Zoo sandwich (so frickin delicious, I HAVE to have George’s Zoo every time I’m in SF. No joke.) and a drive to San Jose. I had decided on my way up to San Francisco that I wanted to see the Winchester Mystery House and was pleased to learn that it was only an hour south of where I was staying. So I devoured my lunch and made a quick stop at a shop Chels had mentioned the night before.

oh my fav
Daiso is a glorious store. It’s similar to a dollar store but almost everything is $1.50. I wandered the rows looking at so many different things that were so cute (and some really gaudy). 

wonders abound

cute boxes


I was so very happy to happen upon a section filled with stationary that I have been looking for. Tons and tons of cute cute stuff with sayings that don’t really make much sense at all. I stocked up so I would have super cute things to send my pen pals!
After I tore myself away from Daiso I sped toward Winchester to make the 3pm tour. I made it, and found out there was also a 3:30 tour that did the same thing… oh well. 
The Winchester Mystery house wasn’t what I expected. At all. In fact, I was a tad disappointed. I was really glad I did the estate tour with the “behind the scenes” addition because that definitely added a lot more. 
When they started the tour they said something that made me pout for the whole first leg, “no pictures are allowed in the house.”
WHAT?! I paid $35 and am not allowed to take pictures?! Hearst let me take pictures and they charged $27. AND Hearst is bigger! Sigh. 
While the Mystery House was a big mysterious and strange it wasn’t as creepy as I expected it to be. On the second tour I was able to get some outside shots which calmed my pout to a half pout.
one of the only pictures I took inside

Beginning of second tour


weather vane

what is that small hole to the side for?


the front

another lady statue
All in all I would say it’s worth it to see if you are at all curious but I did wish they had more information on the house and everything about it. It has a great partial story but I wanted more. The only book I could find was tiny. Oh well. The positive was: I was curious and not bored. It was beautiful and had lots of detail I loved and wished I could take pictures of. It was a strange house, so while I wasn’t creeped out I was definitely intrigued. If you’re in the area go see it, but definitely get the full estate tour with the behind the scenes addition. You’ll leave feeling let down if you only do the first part.
The night ended with Chels and I getting greek food and watching an episode of Bones. So great. We went to sleep semi early because I knew I had an 11+ hour drive ahead of me and she had work the next day. 
Every time I visit San Francisco I fall in love again. This time though I did realize some things that would make it hard for me personally to live there. I love it but I’m not sure I could call it my home. It made me feel even better about my decision to relocate to Portland. 

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