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Wednesday with Baby Brows

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I know it’s Thursday but last night there was no time to put together the post, so here it is!
Right after mom and dad left we somehow ended up with one sock and one shoe. I quickly corrected this so he wouldn’t have trouble walking around.
Lost a shoe at some point
We watched some Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse Club House. He read the book both upside down and right side up… 🙂
Reading right side up
Then I attempted several different things for breakfast. Every day is different. Sometimes he loves oatmeal and eats a lot and sometimes he wants only a couple of bites and then eats raisins and yummy gummy snacks. I think he likes the things he can feed himself best, he’s not as fond of spoon in face anymore.
Seriously contemplating the raisins.
After making it clear he was quite finished with being in the highchair we moved on and played a bit in his room. He’s figured out the drawers on his changing table which can be dangerous to those little fingers. His favorite part of the drawer is taking everything out and throwing it around the room. I think I did that with diapers when I was a baby.
Play the song mr. button!
We had a short ride around the house on his quad. He made sure to keep the engine sounds going with the button. Before we took a ride he was just pressing the button so he could dance to the song it plays on the third press. Super cute.
After that it was nap time, he’s getting to where he tries to communicate that he wants to sleep which is awesome! He finds his blanket, pushes his head in a pillow, finds his pacifier. He sometimes even cuddles! That’s my favorite.
Woke up with my hood on, so what?!
Nap time was a little short but he woke up happy so all was well.
I got it!
I stacked the green ball on the blue thing and he thought it was the funniest thing ever. It’s times like those that I really want to know what babies are thinking. What could possibly be funny about toys being stacked? I like their happiness. So then he would grab the two pieces and try to put them together like I had. He was pretty successful most of the time. Then he would throw each piece somewhere in the room. I would grab them and put them together again by him and he would start laughing again.
trying to stay awake
After play time in his room and several episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba Baby Brows was tiiiired. He went to sleep an hour early for his second nap. I tried to keep him awake and was about to take him to swing but I look at him and he’s asleep on the floor in the living room. So I gathered him up and put him to bed where he slept to his normal waking time.
I noticed today that he wanted more attention than usual. He wanted to interact more with me whereas before he was totally fine looking at his books and playing with his toys without me close. Even when I would attempt before to join in he would just keep doing his own thing. Now he really wants me there. He wants to climb over me if necessary just so long as I am at his level.
Oh I love this little man so much.

Blanket Progress

Sunday, January 23, 2011

As I’ve been mentioning from time to time I’ve been working on a blanket made of many, many smaller granny squares. This is the very first time I’ve made a blanket this way and let me tell you I am SO FRICKIN EXCITED to be at the point where the squares get sewn together!

I’ve put together one row so far and I’m starting on the second. I don’t want to sleep until I’ve put two rows together! Oh goodness!

Well, I’m off to keep working on this lovely thing!


Wednesday With Baby Brows!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby Brows started walking just a couple of days ago!!!!
He’d been throwing himself from couch to big bean bag to other couch while walking a couple of steps for a few weeks but now he’s feeling good and doesn’t need his stunt mats anymore. Like many babies he walks until he knows a camera is around and then boomp! back on the bum. But he didn’t know I was taking this picture today AND I even captured a couple seconds of walking which I immediately sent to Señor Brows to upload to his FB.
I thought I would have learned most of what I needed to know about babysitting Baby Brows by now but I have realized each week that there’s always something new to learn and a new trick up his sleeve. Last week we cured the second nap wake up bawling but this week he woke up upset again. We think his teeth were really hurting him today.
When I first started watching the Lil Man he was just getting into the groove of crawling. Now he makes monster sounds (Unicorn Sparkle(bottom)s taught him that, it’s been really fun), plays peek-a-boo, holds his play phones close to his ear, makes specific noises for bottle, daddy, mommy and kitty and I swear he said my name today but maybe I was just hearing things. 🙂 He also went from having a hard time pulling himself up to standing to bulldozing over everything and standing just about any time he wants. And now there’s the walking. It’s so crazy to watch (and really pay attention to) a little one in their first couple of years. It’s mind-blowing the progress they make.
Well, this ended up way longer than normal so without further ado here’s more pictures of the oh so cute Baby Brows!
I tried to change his diaper but he escaped! Need to button the buttons!
Hiding for peek-a-boo (similar to where he holds his play phone).
Trying to close the door, one of his new tricks.
And because I skipped last week:
I feed myself and it gets messy… Grape time!
You are my sunshine!
Room playtime!

What I Learned Today

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Today I learned why the number 1 is not a prime number.
How/why did I find the answer: Honestly I was searching for a chart of prime numbers (I love odd numbers and ever more so prime numbers) and got a bit miffed when I saw that 1 was not colored as a prime. I was previously mistaken into thinking it was. So I immediately googled it and found my answer.
Here is my take on the information I gathered, read here to see if you agree.
Apparently there are more requirements than I thought for a prime number. I figured since 1 is divisible by itself and 1 (me, myself and I anyone) it would be considered a prime. I found, however, that by definition, a prime number also has to be greater than one. Not only that but it is not a prime number because it is a unit and because the of the way we use primes.
That’s a lot, here’s more of a breakdown. One is a unit (I still don’t fully understand what that means in relation to other numbers so we’ll skip.) Here’s what I do understand, primes are used as the bases or building blocks of other numbers. We divide bigger numbers by primes to break them down. We break down non primes into primes to find out what they are made of. When we divide a number by 1 we get no new information, we are still with the original number and 1. For example, let’s look at the number 24. Now, when we divide it by a prime (let’s say 2) we’ll get another number out of it, 12. Then we can go on and divide it by the same prime number (2) and we get a 6. Then we divide it again (for this example it looks like we’re dividing by the same primes (2) and we get 3. So when we divided by a prime we got another piece of information from 24. The composition in primes of 24 is 2,2,2,3. If we had divided by 1 we would have been left with 24 which would have given us no new info about our dear 24.
That, my friends is all I can explain. Maybe you learned something new after reading this. If my explanation was even more confusing I apologize! Maybe in the near future I’ll have one of my math genius friends to teach me about the unit part as I’m too tired to look it up right now.

Strolling around Hillcrest with a camera

Friday, January 14, 2011

Yesterday a dear friend and I went strolling around Hillcrest with cameras. I had been driving back and forth around Hillcrest recently and had realized I’d never taken the time to walk around except for on 5th. So off we went to enjoy the sights and the really pretty (though a tad too dry in my opinion) day.

Walking on University.
I love old looking signs.
Possibly the cutest little stool.
In my element. Diet coke in hand.
Then I took some pictures of Christie. She let me use her super duper nice camera (my technical term) and I’m pretty stoked with what came of it!
Then I played on the playground and Christie took more shots of me.
All in all it was a fabulous day. We spent loads of time in two of my favorite bookstores and I possible acquired a few new books. Not only that but I got to use a professional level camera for the very first time and now I’m afraid that my first big purchase when I get me a job is going to have to be a camera up from the point and shoot I have. I’m addicted to working with the zoom and focus.
So much fun! We’re planning another similar adventure soon.
photo cred: 1,4,7 by Christie Conochalla

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