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Wednesdays with Baby Brows

Thursday, November 18, 2010

And so ends another Wednesday with the lil’ man. Lady roommate has requested a name change so they are as follows:
Lady of the House: Unicorn Sparkles
Man of the House: SeƱor Brows
Lil Man of the House: Baby Brows

As you can see, Baby Brows was in a good mood today which was oh so fun! We tried walking a bit, we ate some yummy foods (I might have snacked on some of his yummy snacks too) and we watched some new (to me) Yo Gabba Gabba episodes. I am so very glad he takes to me pretty well. I’m stoked beyond belief that he’s not a baby that cries every time his parents leave, I’m so so glad that we’ve bonded. He gives me kissies and mashes my face with his hands and sometimes, if I’m lucky he gets reaaaaal close, fakes me out like he’s giving me a kiss and yells at the top of his lungs, in my face. Oh babies.
Maybe next week I’ll be brave and venture outside of this house with this bundle of cuteness. I haven’t yet because I feel so comfortable at home with him. What if he gets fussy when we go out? What do I do? Honestly he’s a really, amazingly good baby I’m just worried as always. I think we’ll start with kiddie gym next time. Then go from there.
Well, computer is all out of power. Sleep time!

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