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25 before 25 (finally)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

We Heart It

As I went back to research what other people put down I realized they usually do one less than the year they are heading for but I had been writing about 25 before 25 for a while now so I’ll just stick with that.

Here they are!
1. Get a tattoo (not a big shocker is it)
2. Swim with sharks
3. Try out roller derby or at least relearn how to rollerskate
4. move out of state (Nashville, Tennessee is the goal right now)
5. Finish another blanket (crochet)
6. Take/post 100 flicker worthy pictures
7. crochet scarf/cowl
8. Finish 8 for fun books
9. Finish 2 self help books
10. Cook for someone at least once a month
11. Ride spectrum ferris wheel and take pictures (possible tie in to # 6)
12. Pay off at least 2/3 of credit card. Thats about $2700)
13. Volunteer: not sure where yet but it’s out there
14. make 3 collages: I use to make these all the time and I still collect pictures but don’t make them
15. paint a picture
16. Finish my paint by numbers
17. Take a road trip (might go with #4 and certainly #6)
18. Go on a hot air balloon ride
19. get off my medication for anxiety: I’ve already started this process and I’m doing pretty well. I started at a low dose so it shouldn’t be too much longer now.
20. Figure out next career goal/move
21. Write a letter/email to Alexandra Patsavas: she has an amazing job I want to know more about
22. Take a photography class
23. Go on a bike ride: I have had a slight hatred for bikes since I was like 10… so here’s to getting over this
24. Tea party in the park (definitely helps with #6)
25. Go horseback riding: I love horses and haven’t been horseback riding in soooo long

So there they are! This is exciting! Finally it’s complete. It’s only 17 or so days after my birthday. 🙂

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