Quarterly Review

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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What went really well?
Romantic: My relationship with Dan grew leaps and bounds in the past three months. We were always good, but we’re getting even better with time. I have been humbled more than once, learning that my communication skills aren’t always as good as I would like to think. But that is a positive, because I can work on it. And I have more control than I think, of my perspective that is.
Fitness and health: I’ve started experimenting with different yoga classes, Dan and I have been hiking on and off, I signed up for a gym membership and have been going at least once a week, I’ve been cooking more for my lunches, I restarted my habit of breakfast… started and have stuck with a flossing habit which has been a little thing on my mind for years now.
Hobbies: I’ve made progress on my black, white and gold blanket. I bought a bigger instax (again) and started taking instant pictures again. I was feeling cramped with the mini and my bank felt broken by impossible film/polaroid. So the instax wide has worked out. I have been staying on my pictures, keeping them organized in my iphoto, being vigilant about deleting unnecessary ones.
Misc: I started giving private booty bounce lessons to a friend that I met through the pole studio I’ve been going to off and on for a few years now. Because of this, I now have a booty bounce 4 week workshop that I’m going to be teaching at the studio! I’m so excited to bring the power of jiggle and loving what is to my friends and some new girls. It’s not Miley twerking nonsense, it’s booty bounce and it’s a whole lot of fun. Really, really excited for that.
My birthday! I’ve been wanting to plan a getaway for my birthday for YEARS and it worked out! Stoked.

What was challenging?
Figuring out what to work on and realizing that good things have happened this past three months. I often feel like I am stagnant, that nothing new is happening, that I’m not doing enough, I’m lazy, boring, unmotivated etc, etc, thank you insecurites. But that’s no true. In fact, just about none of it is true. Maybe the not doing enough is true, but if I had a direction mapped out I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t be the case anymore. The fact of the matter is, I’m not lazy, I wake up pretty early compared to what I use to (SUCCESS, goal met) and I start doing things, they might end up being a lot of chores that don’t have long term affects, BUT, I am doing things. So, the habit won’t have to be switched from doing nothing to doing something, I will just have to switch out some errands and replace them with some tasks that really get me where I want to be going. Challenge? Figuring out where exactly I want to be going, because I want to be going to a lot of places and doing a lot of things.
My other challenge, putting 40+ hours of time into something that doesn’t do anything for my life goals. I know I don’t have them exactly pinned down yet, but they are feelings, and this isn’t at any point feeling like I’m spending the time in a productive way. Work takes up at least a quarter of our week… I want that quarter to be meaningful. Definitely the goal I need to be focusing on. Hard.

What were the biggest lessons I learned?
The biggest lessons I am just starting to learn. The first is to really enjoy it, and write it down. I get so caught up in what I am not doing that I don’t celebrate what I do. It’s time to celebrate, big and small. Maybe then I’ll be even more inclined to accomplish the next steps, or even bigger goals. Or, the best part, enjoy this life.
The second lesson is to focus. I am just starting on this. I know that I need to focus, because it’s hard to keep track of the baby steps I’m making in all different directions. My head feels like it’s spinning quite frequently when I get excited about things. I think the hardest part of focusing on things to me is what to focus on. What’s the correct thing, what’s the habit that will positively affect everything else? Do I stop doing everything else until I get that habit? Does it depend on the size of the habit? Does everything else have to go? Do I focus on the blog, my blanket, finding a job, etc etc etc. But if I focus on the blog will I even have things to post about if I don’t get out or make that blanket. I think a lot, it could be said I think too much. Maybe I’ll find a way to make that work for me in the future.

What are my favorite memories?
- Valentine’s Day
- Booty Bounce competition at Dollhouse (I miss being a go-go)
- Birthday in Palm Springs, going to Calico Mining Town and Pioneer Town with Dan, sitting by the pool, driving through the mountains, walking through the grounds of The Ace, trying to walk the grounds of other hotels but getting deterred by the valets
- Birthday in general, dinner with each family, work lunch, going to the shooting range with my dad, soaking it all in. good vibes.
- Giving private dance instructions, for booty bounce no less. Over the moon about that.
- Santa Monica Pier with Dan. Best date ever and it wasn’t even meant to be a date. I was wearing my favorite outfit, we laughed in the photobooth, played a tiny bit of skee ball and I got a churro. Magic. That night was magic.

Was I honoring my values/ ways of being? How? What might have been lacking?
When I talk to my friends that are going through a hard time or are trying to figure out what direction they want to take next or if the one they are currently on is the right one I talk a lot about trusting the universe and working hard. I haven’t been connecting to that trust lately. That could be part of the reason that I haven’t felt the joy as deep, it could be why I focus on what I’m not doing instead of what I am… I’m not sure, I just know that I need to connect back into that faith, that trust as much as possible, and to also work hard. To believe that these dreams of mine are fully possible and to take any and all steps to get there. To dream a little bigger, to take up more room, to be strong. I want to connect back into that, the feeling of faith and strength. The gym and exercise is helping me with strength and the connection… well, I’ve started writing gratitude down in a journal with my goals and daily delights. I want to remember in a positive way.

I was a bit tense when I started my quarterly review but I was happily surprised with what I found in it. It also helped me so much with what I want from this next quarter. But more on that next post.


Quarterly review questions from Stratejoy How to Conduct a Personal Quarterly Review

March In Review

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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Bare with me here, not only is there going to be a March In Review but I will also have a Quarterly Review and Goals for next quarter. And all after April already started. Such is life. I’m meeting my goal of recording my life so I’ll take it easy on being exactly on time with these things. Bigger fish to fry currently and what not.

March, oh March. You were beautiful and magically as I love my birthday month to be. So many feelings, mostly really good, some “what in the heck am I going to do.” Okay, fine, a lot of the latter as well. Great memories though, and some space for growth.

I read:
- 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think by Laura Vanderkam (2nd reading)
- The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
- Escape from Cubicle Nation by Pamela Slim (welll… I finally finished the last chapter)
- A couple chapters from I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi
- The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
- Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist
- Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

My favorites of those listed above:
- 168 Hours
- The Power of Habit
- Show Your Work

I watched:
- Pretty Little Liars /// ughhh Season Finale how you get me every time!
- Friday Night Lights /// I watched maybe one Episode
- DIVERGENT /// I liked it a lot. I can see how the hardcore book fans would have some problems but I still loved this movie. Love. Four, good lord.
- The Grand Hotel Budapest /// Wes Anderson never disappoints. I didn’t know it was one of his walking in but as soon as it started I knew, and it felt like home.

Tried new things:
- Aerial yoga
- Yoga 101 at Black Sheep in Oceanside
- Had almond butter for the first time

Dan and I adventured to:
- Palm Springs!
- Calico Ghost Town
- Pioneer Town
- Elfin Forrest
- Bayside and Four Year Strong show at House of Blues

I treated myself to:
- Palm Springs birthday trip
- some other things I’m sure

March was a pretty magical month. I’m hoping working on making April even better.


List of 100+ dreams

Friday, April 4, 2014

dreamI am posting this even though it is still very much a work in progress. I am re-reading 168 hours and it talks about the list of 100 dreams. I call it the list of 100+ dreams to give room for more, especially when you cross some off (oh and you’re allowed to add and cross off any dreams already realised). The list is to help you identify things to work for so as not to waste your time doing things that have nothing to do with your dreams.

I started this list as a Before 30 list, and then it grew, and I didn’t want to only put a two year timeline on some of my goals but I’m tired of having a bajillion lists for different things so I decided that this was the place. It will be updated, added to, subtracted from and all other things that can happen to a list besides getting lost.

I feel like maybe I should dream a little bigger here, and my hope is that when I start to cross some of these medium sized goals off I will gain confidence and room to dream a little bigger. Until then, these aren’t such a shabby start.

Hot air balloon ride
Swim with dolphins
Swim with sharks
Skinny dip
Go to a drive in
Ride on a train
Sky dive
Go on an hour long bike ride (to help get over the fear of bikes)
Go on a photography road trip
Go camping (must sleep in a tent)
Play in the snow
Go to a rodeo
Learn how to drive stick shift
Ride a mechanical bull
Go to SXSW Interactive
Write my current mission statement
Take a self -defense class
Take contortionist classes
Have a fitness routine
Fall in love
Go to the dentist three times
Fully invest in yoga for 3 months straight
Incorporate meditation into weekly life
Take an aerial yoga class
Take a contemporary dance class
Be able to read blogs and teen books in Spanish with little to no confusion
Teach a booty bounce workshop
Professional organizer
Work through the book Money: A Love Story
Work through the book I Will Teach You To Be Rich
Get paid for a piece of writing
Bungee Jump
Bungee jump again, somewhere other than a state fair
Get paid for my photos
Get paid to take pictures
Get paid to take pictures again
Have $10,000 emergency fund
Pay off outstanding debt
Open an IRA and put $5000+ in it, invest appropriately
Open/have 401k and use it effectively
Buy new lens for camera
Buy new computer
Use all cash to buy a large purchase (normally would be in payments /loan)
Learn how to artificially light photos
Put together portfolio of photography
Learn how to use photoshop
Empty old phones and ipods
Successfully regrow succulent cuttings
Blog 3xs a week for a month
Have a Step Up Marathon
Decide what to do with yearbooks and old journals
Put pictures from picture box in album
Finish black/white/gold blanket
Put pictures from picture box in album
Organize digital pictures
Participate in a group (book club or dance troupe)
Hike Mission Trails
See Star of India
See Unconditional Surrender Statue
Go to Quail Gardens
See the Hollywood Sign
Go to Griffith Observatory and The Old Zoo
Hike Torrey Pines Trails
Joshua Tree
Calico Mining Town
Pioneer Town
Visit Nashville
Palm Springs for birthday
Leo Carillo State Beach
San Pedro, Long Beach
Visit Austin, TX, Take a picture at the Butter half and I love you murals
Go to Greece
Pole performance at The Dollhouse
Go to a cotton field, take pictures
Americana photoshoot
Finish ecourses (The M and Apple & Arrow’s lighting ecourse)
Go on a non-work/career retreat, maybe yoga or some other hobby not related to money making
Watch Katy Perry Movie
Make lemon tarts
Make a pulled chicken sandwich

Are any of yours similar to mine? Do you have others I should definitely add?

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Changing My Perspective

Sunday, March 30, 2014

jump for joyFriday morning I decided to conduct a quarterly review. More on the actual review later, but for now I want to talk about perception. Because before I put pen to paper, when I was thinking first about goals for next quarter, I thought I hadn’t accomplished much during the first. I figured second quarter I could make up for what I lacked in the first and I’d figure it out from there.

Imagine my surprise when the first question was: What went well? And I had things flying from the pen to the page. I thought I would list maybe 3 or 4, but I kept remembering more. Oh yeah, I completed my goal of going to Palm Springs for my birthday AND I had my wonderful guy by my side, I not only signed up for the gym, but I started going on hikes with my guy and being so much more active than I have been in a really long time. Old Corey would NEVER have suggested a hike as something she wanted to do with her weekend. Unless it was at Torrey Pines but that didn’t happen often in the past.

As I was writing these things down, and more and more just kept coming to mind, I wondered why I was feeling so far behind. Why I have been feeling so unsuccessful lately. I had been feeling like I was failing in exercising because I didn’t go to the gym three times  (I ended up doing just that AND taking a yoga class AND a pole dance class this week… so, no failing here) and because I haven’t woken up early enough to go to the gym before work and because I hadn’t gone through all the machines yet. There were just so many reasons why I wasn’t doing enough and I needed to do more. And that’s not just with exercise.

I recently took on the habit of flossing. My metaphorical dentist is finally breathing a sigh of relief. And I started my flossing habit at night, and then I realized that at night I get kind of tired and want as little in my routine as possible before bed, so I switched to morning. And I’ve been really good, but still I wonder if I shouldn’t be flossing two times a day or if night would be better so things don’t just stay between my teeth for 8 hours…

When I got to the end of my list of things that had gone well in the first quarter I took a second to really think about what I wanted out of the second. I thought I wanted my second quarter to be a list of things to complete, boxes to check off. But I realized that if I continued making my goals this way, I would continue focusing on what wasn’t being done and how I was failing.

I realized in doing this quarterly review that I need a perspective shift, I need a new angle. I need to enjoy. Enjoy life, enjoy the times not checking something off of my list, enjoy breathing and being and having fun. I go through periods of my life where I forget to have fun. Where it all becomes about checking things off my list and somehow feeling successful.

But if that’s all I focus on, if I don’t take time to enjoy my wins, big and small, if I don’t take time to enjoy, and laugh and not take things so frickin seriously, then I’ll just have a list of checked off tasks and I’ll be sitting on the brink of the next quarter wondering why I don’t feel like anything has changed.

I’m not 100% sure on the solution, but I know it’s going to have to be grounded in gratitude. There’s going to need to be more time for fun. And my language about my projects is going to have to change. Instead of having to go to the gym, I get to go to the gym. I get to work out and feel stronger which is a big goal of mine. I GET to. Not I HAVE to.

I get to work on my blanket that I’ve been crocheting. I don’t have to. No one is paying me to make that thing, it’s purely for my entertainment. But I rarely feel entertained when I think about it.

It’s time for a mind shift, back to gratitude, back to celebration of wins big and small. It’s time to enjoy it, whatever it may be. Take it in and enjoy it.


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Lovely Links

Monday, March 24, 2014

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It seems I’ve been hoarding links. I’ll stop now and share.


I want my life to be full of words like, “build,” “strength,” and “power.” I want my life to be about more, not less. /// Women’s magazine covers frequently use terms like “drop X pounds fast!” and “calorie-torching workout!” and “low-calorie foods”. Men’s magazines use keywords like “build“, “power“, and “strength.” 

I would like to make /// Homemade Nutella, delicious asparagus, healthy chocolate banana shake

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